Las Vegas Tournament Evaluations: Part II was in attendance for the first full day of the Las Vegas tournaments. Read on for evaluations of Keith Frazier, Malik Pope, and many more.

LAS VEGAS - was in attendance for the first full day of the Las Vegas tournaments. Read on for the second part of the evaluations of Arizona prospects.


Keith Frazier: Frazier is already blessed with a college ready shooting guard body and game. Once he gets hot with his shooting touch, it's easy to see why coaches are so high on him.

He's a quick leaper who finishes with authority at the rim, but he's more than just an athlete. He's also an impressive shooter with a very quick release.

Frazier's shooting prowess forces defenders to guard him tight, which is impossible given his explosive first step.


Jordan McLaughlin: Playing in front of a bevy of college coaches, McLaughlin didn't disappoint. He was a terror in transition, routinely finishing at the basket or setting his teammates up for open shots.

Although McLaughlin showed his immense talent, it would have been nice to see him be a little more aggressive because his team benefited greatly when he forced the issue. When he really focused, McLaughlin showed the potential to be a very good defender.

Shaqquan Aaron: Physically, Aaron is off the charts. Possessing an unreal wing span, Aaron always seems to be a step ahead of his defender and effortlessly glides up and down the court.

He also showed an innate ability to make the spectacular pass, finding passing lanes that most kids don't even see.

Aaron's scoring prowess was on display as well. He made a handful of long jumpers and used his step back and superior elevation to get his shot off in traffic.

The four-star is one of the few players that can truly be as good as he wants to be, but it's up to him to harness his passion to get the most out of his ability.

Malik Pope: Pope is extremely long and active around the basket, as he uses his length and superior timing to block and alter shots.

Offensively, Pope was fairly limited on Thursday, but he used his length and speed to convert transition buckets.


Brodricks Jones: Jones' body is eerily similar to Kevin Durant. Standing a legit 6-foot-9, Jones is a very fluid athlete who can impact the game in multitude of ways.

He shows impressive shot blocking instincts and has the potential to be a game changing player on the defensive end. Offensively, he is raw and has soft hands and a nice touch around the basket.

Chance Comanche: Much like Jones, Comanche has game-changing defensive ability. He is incredibly long and has impressive shot blocking instincts. Also like Jones, Comanche has few offensive skills, but he has the ability to become a force in time.


Derryck Thornton: Thornton's talent immediately stood out, especially against similar aged players. Already a legitimate 6-foot, Thornton has an amazing handle and an ability to hesitate then switch directions that makes him nearly impossible to defend.

For such a young payer, he almost always makes the right pass in transition and in the half court. Equally impressive, he shows the ability to drive and finish with either hand.

Physically, he's very long and with active arms and quick feet and looks to still be growing. Although he didn't attempt many jumpshots, Thornton showed excellent form and has the look of an elite player

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