Las Vegas Tournaments: Day Three Evaluations was in attendance for the third day of the Las Vegas tournaments. Read on for evaluations of Keith Frazier, Justise Winslow, and more.

LAS VEGAS - was in attendance for the second full day of the Las Vegas tournament. Read on for evaluations of numerous Arizona prospects in attendance.


Keith Frazier: Frazier can often be a streaky player, but when he is feeling it, there are not many better scorers in the country. Friday's performance was a perfect sign of this, as he finished with at least four three-pointers and was aggressive to the rim as well.

There really is not a ton more we can say about Frazier at this point that we have not said before. He is an elite level scorer and figuring Frazier gets good coaching and improves in other areas, we can't see him being in college for even three years.

Jabari Bird: Bird finished with 17 points in the first game on Friday and was still able to do a few things that have made him a successful prospect. In addition to attacking the basket a bit and hitting the mid-range jumper that he likes, Bird was more aggressive on defense than he usually is and it resulted in a handful of steals.

When Bird is feeling good offensively, he can really get it going from just about anywhere on the court. As his range extends, he becomes a much more dangerous player and one that will likely be able to score just fine at the next level.

Elliott Pitts: Pitts has seen his recruitment really pick up as of late and his performance on Friday is a good indication as to why. Pitts played relatively poor competition, but he played a lot of point guard and did well.

In addition, Pitts was able to use screens and get open on the perimeter, which is dangerous considering he does not miss many open jumpers. Once he got going, Pitts was hitting from all over the court, as he had at least four three-pointers. His defender then started to over-compensate and Pitts took him to the basket.

Pitts is a smart player that is going to be successful at the next level if he chooses the right fit because he seems to make the right decisions and shooters are generally more successful.


Jahlil Okafor: It bears repeating that Okafor is one of the best players in the country regardless of class. The one aspect of his game he is showing more than he has shown in the past is his ability to run the court. There were a few times on Friday in which he caught the ball in stride and was able to smoothly put it in.

Once Okafor gets position on the block, we have yet to see anybody really contain him. Yes, he is usually the biggest guy on the court, but that really does not matter. Okafor is good enough and fundamentally strong enough to be successful and eventually be an impact player in the NBA.

Payton Dastrup: Dastrup only played one game on Friday, but his skill-level was on display. He can run the court with ease and hit a few three-pointers in order to show off his range. Dastrup will likely be a match-up nightmare for numerous teams at the next level because he can easily extend the court.

The biggest issue with him as that he needs to get stronger physically, whether it is on offense or defense. Figuring that he finds a school with a weight program that can help him do that, we have very high hopes for the Mesa Mountain View center.

Stanley Johnson: Johnson was much more his normal self on Friday, which was nice to see considering his performance on Thursday. When Johnson's jumper is falling, he is extremely difficult to contain.

He is already stronger than most of his opposition and can get into the lane because of it. When his jumper is following, it forces the opposition to respect it, making him even more dangerous. His body is a concern to some, but the reality of his future seems to be that he is skilled enough to succeed. Arizona definitely would love to land Johnson and it is easy to see why.

Justise Winslow: Winslow is another player that is difficult to continue to evaluate because he has already proven what he can do. On Friday, Winslow was a bit quiet when he saw him, but was still able to show some range and his obvious athleticism.

Winslow is much better when he is aggressive, but sometimes tends to let the game come to him more than anything. While that can be a positive because it means he is not forcing things, we would still like to see him take complete control because he is capable of doing it.


Ivan Rabb: This is a tough environment for Rabb because he does not get as many touches as he would if he was playing with the younger group. However, his team needs him and he is willing to make that sacrifice.

When Rabb does get the ball, he shows nice touch and makes the right decision more often than not. He is extremely intriguing because Rabb is such a raw player, but still skilled enough to be plenty effective. It is no secret that we feel Rabb will be one of the premier players in his class and there is no reason to change that belief now.

Aaron Holiday: We were not able to view Holiday's complete game, but he was impressive when we saw him. Holiday is a very solid defender, but the most impressive aspect of his game is the fact that he is mature beyond his years.

Holiday reminds us a lot of his brother Jrue because he picks up the tempo and has a killer instinct exactly when he needs to. Holiday is only claiming a few offers, but we see that list increasing dramatically by this time next summer.

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