Las Vegas Tournament Evaluations

Saturday was the first day of bracket play in the Las Vegas tournaments and there were numerous impressive performances. Read on for evaluations of players such as Stanley Johnson, Justise Winslow, and more.

LAS VEGAS - Bracket play started in the Las Vegas tournaments on Saturday and while numerous players were eliminated, there were still plenty of players in action.


Keith Frazier: There was no doubt that Frazier was exhausted on Saturday. He had an 8 A.M. game and just did not seem interested, which is likely because he has played too much basketball this week.

We have seen enough of Frazier to know what type of player he is, so his shot not falling is not a big deal. What we did like about his game with the Houston Hoops is that he got more aggressive going to the basket instead of settling for jumpers and it paid off with a baseline dunk and numerous fouls.


Justise Winslow: Winslow was as good as we have ever seen him on Saturday, as he was easily the best player on the court. He finished with about 27 points and 13 rebounds, attacking on offense in numerous ways and getting teammates involved as well.

Winslow is one of Sean Miller's favorite players and it is easy to see why every time he plays. The kid puts forth full effort, is extremely athletic, and just knows what to do with the ball. Whatever team gets Winslow is getting a future pro and his performance on Saturday solidified that belief.

Jordan McLaughlin: The first game Saturday may have been the best we have seen McLaughlin play, as he finished with 28 points and just dominated. McLaughlin was hitting from deep and has an extremely impressive ability at being able to cut through the lane. He has a good idea of where the defenders are going before they make his move and it allows his team to be one step ahead.

McLaughlin is very likely a future pro if he continues to get stronger and already improve on his strengths. He should be a national type of recruit and is one of the two best point guard prospects on the west for 2014.

Khadeem Lattin: Lattin's role isn't very big on Houston Hoops, but it likely should be. He has great potential in that he seems to keep improving, whether it is offensively or with his ability to guard somebody on the block.

As of now, Lattin needs to get stronger and work on getting a go-to move offensively. If he does those two things, we see his recruiting attention increasing dramatically. It is difficult to move on Lattin now because of the strength of his class and the fact that he has to improve a bit, but the potential is definitely there.

Stanley Johnson: Jabari Bird sat out much of the game in order to play later on in the day and without him and Aaron Gordon, Johnson needed to step up. He did just that, as he played a large role in the early victory.

Johnson's skill set is known by now, as he is often stronger than the opposing forward guarding him. Johnson takes advantage of this, as he should, and also is continuing to improve his jumper. He definitely deserves credit for continuing to work hard to improve and it has already paid dividends, as he showed on Saturday.

Ivan Rabb: Rabb's game isn't necessarily ready for this age level due to the fact that he has difficulty getting the ball in the post. That is not to say he does not get post position, because he definitely does at times. The issue is that the pace and skill level of the players around him makes it hard for him to play as he should be playing.

Rabb realizes this and still plays aggressively as he tries to make the most of the situation. We have seen absolutely nothing to make us change our mind about what type of prospect he is.

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