Top Texas back lacks offers

You'd think the son of a Heisman Trophy winner, who happens to be a legit prospect himself, would be a lock to go to his father's alma mater, right? Well, you'd at least think the school would make an early offer, at the least as a personal courtesy. Strangely enough, one of the greatest backs in Texas history has a son who's pretty good, but so far he has one offer, and it's not from the Longhorns.

Tyler Campbell, the son of Heisman winner and NFL Hall-of-Famer Earl Campbell, holds a deservedly lofty No. 34 overall ranking in the Texas Top 100, but when you look at the number of scholarship offers the kid currently holds (just a single offer from San Diego State) it begs the question: Just how good is the state's No. 2 tailback prospect? Good enough that I had to ask Campbell in our interview, What the heck is going on with scholarship offers?

The 6-0, 190-pounder said there's a few reasons for the scant attention so far.

"Every team I've spoken to...from the get-go...said I was leaning to the Longhorns and that they figured it was just a matter of time before I joined their program," Campbell explained. "But Texas isn't recruiting me very hard and I've tried to explain that to the different coaches calling me."

"Another reason is some are wanting to check me out during my senior season," Campbell added. "They're waiting to see how I perform as a senior. And that's fine by me. I don't mind proving myself and I kind of like it that way."

Campbell also said missing out on his sophomore season (meniscus injury) has only given schools a minimal glance at what he's capable of. While several other kids have already toted the rock for a couple of years as they head into their final season as a prep, his senior season production will be vital with regard to which teams elect to tender him a full-ride.

The major players for Campbell's John Hancock are (in alphabetical order): Arizona, Arizona State, LSU, Mizzou, Notre Dame, and San Diego State. They're the schools showing the most interest in him with San Diego State at the very top of his list as they've shown a true commitment to him by offering already and that means an awful lot to Campbell. Expect him to take his time throughout the decision-making process. He'd like to take all of his officials, weigh everything and make sure his college destination is the best place for him.

Having last tested in May, the very humble and talented runner threw up a 285-pound bench press, 405-pound squat and a 290-pound power clean. But he said he's been working very hard in the weight room (four days a week) and thinks his bench would be closer to 300 mark, if not more and estimates his squat's probably closer to 420/425. His clean is especially impressive, but he thinks he's made some gain on that lift as well.

"I've also been busting my tail five days a week working out with my track coach," said the kid who can run a 4.52. "Monday thru Friday, I'm conditioning. Agility drills, a lot of sprints, bleachers, running up hills, medicine balls and lunges."

Kid's got a heckuva work ethic and burning desire to prove he can play.

We've got a ton more information on Campbell coming in this week's Inside Texas Inside Scoop. We'll compare Campbell not only to the state's top high school tailback in '73 (that would be the Tyler Rose), but also to Peterson, the state's top tailback in '03, and give you a clearer picture of just how good the state's No. 2 ballcarrier really is, and more. Don't miss it!

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