Jones taking his time

Brodricks Jones is one of the top players in the 2015 class. Read on to see where Arizona stands, the other schools involved, and more.

It's easy to see why big-time college coaches followed 2015 Playa Del Rey (Calif.) St. Bernard PF/C Brodricks Jones around this summer.

Blessed with incredibly long arms and fluidity uncommon for a player his size, Jones is as good a prospect as anyone on the west coast.

His team, which was filled with young players, played up and down this summer, but Jones still showed off his immense physical gifts.

Defensively, he is a terror as a weak-side defender and is equally effective in a one-on-one setting. He rarely falls for pump fakes and shows excellent timing for such a young player.

Offensively, Jones has very soft hands, which makes him especially effective on lob passes. For being relatively skinny, he rarely loses the ball in traffic, and shows near perfect form on his jump shot.

The main drawback in Jones' game is his lack of strength, but that is something he's working on.

"I'm working on a lot of stuff this summer," Jones said. "I need to get stronger for the next level and I will put in the time."

Judging by the schools Jones is hearing from, it will be a fight for any school involved.

"I'm hearing from UCLA, USC, Arizona and a bunch of west coast schools along with Kentucky and Duke and places like that," Jones said.

Fortunately for Arizona fans, Jones is in the early stages of his recruitment.

"I'm hearing from some good schools," Jones said. "I like most of them, but honestly I'm still figuring things out.

"I will say it's very cool that I'm hearing from a lot of the schools that I've grown up watching. Other than that, I'm just taking my recruitment pretty slow."

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