Position changes coming?

Rich Rodriguez is looking at numerous ways to make Arizona better and one of those could be moving a few players around. Read on to see what he is considering, what the players think of it, and more.

It's no secret that Arizona is lacking depth at numerous positions and on Monday, head coach Rich Rodriguez opened up about possible position changes that could be coming or at least being looked at.

"There's several linemen, there's several receivers, there's a couple defensive backs that are playing multiple positions," Rodriguez added. "I know a lot of the defensive linemen are playing both inside and outside."

Arizona released a depth chart at the Pac-12 Media Day and while Rodriguez admitted it was just a shell, he says that he is not much closer to making anything concrete.

"Our true depth chart will probably be another two weeks before we start to settle guys into one spot, those that are moving around a little bit."

One player that is hoping to settle into a major role is Keoni Bush-Loo, who Rodriguez says is being looked at on both sides of the ball.

"I really like him," said Rodrigue. "I think we're in a little battle between keeping him on offense at tight end or putting him at defensive end. He's a guy that's got some natural ability, but he's really, really aggressive. He's a young man that may get an opportunity to play as a freshman."

In terms of which side of the ball Rodriguez was leaning to, he says that he wants to see Bush-Loo more before making that decision.

"Not yet, we are going to wait until we get some full pad practices in and go from there," he said.

In addition, Taimi Tutogi has gotten some reps at defensive end and could see time there in the future due to depth issues.

"Taimi's a powerful guy and he's got a lot of ability," Rodriguez said. "So he was excited about it. We did a little bit of that in the spring, but not a lot. He's doing it now just about every day."

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