Cormier headed to Arizona

Pierre Cormier has long been one of Arizona's top targets. On Wednesday, he decided to become a Wildcat.

The Arizona Wildcat coaches have made no attempt to hide the fact that Pierre Cormier has been one of their top targets for the 2013 recruiting class.

Monday and Tuesday, Rich Rodriguez and Co. got a chance to sell their pitch to him on campus.

On Wednesday, the pitch paid off as Cormier decided to become a Wildcat.

"I had some strong feelings on the trip," Cormier said.

Cormier, a 5-foot-11, 180-pound running back saw one of his close friends Lee Walker commit during the trip and he says that it gave him another detail to think over.

"It's cool that he committed because we play together and all that," Cormier said of Walker's decision. "We've talked a little bit about going to school together and how that would be cool. We know how each other plays and it would be a good experience playing with each other again.

"Michael (Garner) also has an offer, so we were all pretty excited to get down there and check it out."

It shouldn't get lost that Cormier enjoyed other aspects about his visit as well. He got to check out the Tucson campus and came away impressed.

"We looked around at the facilities and some other things," Cormier said. "We got to see where they eat, the classrooms, the weight room, and talked to some school officials. It was really nice to do that. I feel really comfortable at the school.

"I really got the college vibe from the school. It's a college town down there and even though the school wasn't in session, it was a good experience. I liked it a lot."

Cormier was even in attendance at the Wildcats' practice on Monday night.

"I liked the offense that they were running," Cormier said. "It's really similar to what I run right now. It was really good to see the tempo that they play at and the intensity of their practice. I can see myself fitting there well."

While on his visit, Cormier talked to the Arizona coaching staff and realized he may have to make a quick decision.

"I talked to the coaches about the situation and they were really upfront about it," he said. "They told me they wanted to hold out for me, but they can't wait too long.

"February is going to be too late. They want to wait for me, but they also need to make sure they are filling the spots they need to fill with guys that they want.

"After finding that out, it made me really start to think harder about my time frame and trying to break down my own schedule with what I want to do."

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