Arizona impresses Johnson on visit

2014 forward Stanley Johnson visited Arizona on Tuesday. Read on to see what he thought of it, the next step in his recruitment, and more.

2014 forward Stanley Johnson's visit to Arizona may have been short, but it was just long enough to make an impact.

"It was definitely a good visit and I enjoyed being able to see that it was a great place with a great coaching staff and everything," Johnson said.

Although Johnson was only there for less than a day, he was able to take in numerous aspects of Arizona.

"We got there about 1:30 and went straight to the locker room and then the coaching staff met me and talked to me a bit," Johnson said. "I also got to meet some of the guys that were there that I knew like Brandon Ashley, Kaleb Tarczewski, and Solomon Hill.

"I walked around the McKale Center and they showed me the history of it. Then I went to talk to an academic counselor to talk about majors if I went there. I then watched some practice and talked to the conditioning coach who told me everything I would do if I went there and it was very realistic."

When asked if there was one aspect of the visit that impressed him the most, Johnson says it was more of a collection.

"It would not be just one thing to be honest because there were a lot of good things there," he said. "The best thing was probably talking to Coach Miller because he is a real person. When you talk to him you know he is not trying to lie to you or saying anything just to get you there. He tells you the truth. The campus was great, but just talking to him was great."

Now that Johnson is finished with AAU for the season and is back home, he will look at narrowing down his options.

"I am trying to cut it down right now," he said. "I have not been back home, but coming back and hearing from different colleges, I am trying to cut it down to get it all in perspective so when I am a senior, making a decision will be easier for me."

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