A Closer Look: Isaiah Swann

The class of '04 is quickly seeing its guards getting snatched up. The Cats really want a combo-guard, but there are few left who are good enough to play for an Arizona. Isaiah Swann may be just such a player.

Isaiah Swann
6-2, 180
Hargrave Military Academy
Cincinnati, Maryland, UConn, Arizona, Florida St., Georgia Tech, Kentucky

Swann is a true combo-guard. He's one of the few players who looks as comfortable with the ball as he does without it. When playing the two he is very active, setting picks and cutting to the hoop. Without the ball he has decent court vision and rarely holds the ball too long. He takes pride in getting his teammates involved. He obviously knows the game pretty well.

He's very strong, possibly the strongest guard in the class, and he knows how to use his strength. He attacks the glass and can outmuscle bigger players for rebounds. He also uses his strength to get to the rack and score.

Swann is a scorer. He just finds ways to get it done. He doesn't have one or two outstanding scoring moves, but uses a variety of skills to put the ball in the basket. What impresses you is that he scored 28 points a game last year at Oak Hill. That means he has done it against great competition. He was a difficult match-up for players at Nike as well.

Swann is not as long as teams would like. His strength and athleticism make up for some of his lack of length. He is built more like Jason Gardner than a Gilbert Arenas or Salim Stoudamire.

Although he's a very good scorer, he isn't a great shooter. He's okay from three-point range, but most of his points come from attacking the hoop or from offensive rebounds.

Swann is wide open, but could be tough to recruit. He has a list a mile long and seems to be looking for elite-level offers. During one interview session at Nike, he rattled off a list of team, never once mentioning Kentucky. Later on a reporter from the Blue Grass State asked him about his interest in Tubby Smith's team and he claimed that Kentucky was an obvious favorite.

"Isaiah Swann never fails to use his athleticism to stand out in a crowd." --Dave Telep

Good, but not great. Swann is wide open, but you have to thing that if the Cats show a lot of interest Swann would reciprocate. He has a great knowledge of Arizona's guards and knows the tradition of getting them into the NBA.

Derek Fisher, Khalid Reeves

Too early to tell. He's so wide open that he may not really know where he wants to go.

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