Holiday remains solid to Arizona

Devin Holiday is still an Arizona commit despite hearing from others. Read on to see the other schools recruiting him, what he has been told about his future, and more.

San Marcos (Calif.) defensive back Devin Holiday fits the physical profile that the new UA coaching staff is looking for in potential recruits. Fast and strong with solid ball skills, Holiday has a lot of untapped potential, and the UA staff has let him know how much they covet his services, eventually turning that into a commitment.

"The coaches say I can come in and play early if I work hard," Holiday said. "I like talking with them because they're honest. They don't promise you stuff, but they say if you work hard things have a way of working out."

The staff has summed up the team's defensive back situation to Holiday, making it clear what type of situation he will face.

"They said they feel good about the kids coming in, but they're complete unknowns and they want to get as many good athletes in their secondary as possible," Holiday said.

"They say they like my athleticism and my strength in coverage. I really try to get after the receivers and let them know I'm around. I'm cool with anywhere they put me back there because I just want to play."

Although Holiday seems destined for the UA secondary, the coaches are keeping their options open.

"Even though I probably end up in the secondary, they said I could play multiple positions," Holiday said. "They like the fact that I can play wide receiver and they feel I have some potential as a kick returner."

As is the case with most recruits, Holiday is still hearing from other schools.

"Yeah, I hear from different schools," Holiday said. "They know I'm committed, but they still try to sell their schools. Some of these schools have been recruiting me for awhile, so they're not giving up yet.

"Washington and Cincinnati are two schools I still hear from now and then. Bottom line, I'm a Wildcat."

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