Scott confident in offense

Matt Scott may be the most important part of the offense this season. Read on to see his thoughts on the offense, the players surrounding him, and more.

The offense has been making progress in camp and much of that has to do with the play and leadership of senior quarterback Matt Scott.

The signal-caller has performed well despite the fact that head coach Rich Rodriguez has refrained from letting him loose on the ground.

Scott attributes part of the growth to the play of offensive line. The unit has gone from a young, inexperienced group a season ago to one that appears to be littered with talent and experience.

"I feel very confident in them," Scott said. "They have a bunch of returners. They are getting better every day and I feel comfortable back in the pocket.

"These guys can do it all. When they put their mind to it and on the same page and focused and know what they need to do, we can accomplish anything."

A player with the physical traits Scott possesses combined with the improvement of the offensive line should make the running game perform at a higher level.

Rodriguez intends on using several backs throughout the season and Scott feels that involving more weapons is going to help boost the performance of the overall rushing attack.

"It can help a lot," Scott said. "We are probably going to focus more on running the ball this year obviously more than last year. We're going to be up and down the field. Any breathing they can get will be helpful."

Scott has been held back a little during the offseason. The coaching staff has preferred him to stay in the pocket and throw instead of taking off and running with the ball.

That will probably change come start of the regular season, but even Scott isn't 100 percent positive of how much he will use his legs.

"I'm not sure," Scott said. "Whatever play is called, I am going to do; execute it. I'm not too worried about how much I'm going to run or how much I am going to throw."

Scott's arm gives him an added dimension to his arsenal. With superior athleticism for a quarterback, he can make throws out of the pocket while on the run.

Scott should be able to do more of that in this scheme, but he isn't quite sure of the exact approach he is going to take.

"We'll see about that," Scott said. "I can't really sit here and tell you that I am going to (throw outside the pocket) or not. We're going to see how things work out this season."

How Scott's chemistry is with the group of wideouts he is throwing to is one of the most important factors when it comes to the potential success of the UA offense. Their timing has been improving and Scott is looking forward to utilizing them come start of the 2012 campaign.

"It's really good," Scott said. "We've been working all summer and we got our timing down. It's great. I can't wait to work with them during the season. It's going to be exciting."

In his final year on campus, Scott is experiencing quite the change within the football program.

The experience has been a very positive one thus far for Scott, who is enthused about the atmosphere the new coaching staff has brought to the team.

"It's night and day," Scott said. "We had a good program before, but I really can't put to words what he has done for this program. It's just a different feel.

"The guys in the locker room and the way we talk now and the way everyone is talking about football and how excited we are for the season to come. It's never been like this since I have been here. I'm excited and ready to go."

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