Hobson getting better

Hank Hobson had a limited role last season, but now could see himself starting. Read on for his reaction, thoughts on the defense, and much more.

There are plenty of uncertainties surrounding the Arizona football program heading into the 2012 season, but perhaps the most glaring question is on the defensive side of the ball at the linebacker position.

One player looking to provide answers starting in a couple of weeks is Hank Hobson. The linebacker is on the verge of getting his first legitimate shot and has been working hard in preparation for his opportunity.

"I'm just getting better every day for my boys," Hobson said. "We all have to work as a unit and try to get better every day because the season is coming up quick."

Hobson received very limited experience in his freshman season, but doesn't believe his time on the field is going to assist him as a sophomore as much as the presence of fellow linebacker Jake Fischer.

"It helps a little bit," Hobson said. "I just have to step it up. We have Jake Fischer – he's definitely the leader of the defense – he helps me out a lot with everything. Last year's experience doesn't help a whole lot, but it helps a little."

The change in defensive schemes hasn't resulted in much adjustment for Hobson. To the sophomore linebacker, it's just another brand of football to play.
,br> "Football is universal," Hobson said. "Certain stuff is always the same. I'm still a linebacker. It's all the same thing. You have to prepare for everyone different ways, so it's all football."

Defensive coordinator Jeff Casteel expects a lot out of his unit despite the struggles the unit has displayed throughout offseason practices and scrimmages. Hobson has been impressed with Casteel's coaching style thus far and admits the coach is attentive to detail.

"He's definitely on top of everything we do," Hobson said. "He's a genius; a smart guy; a great guy. He's a great coach."

By now, everyone is aware of the atmosphere change around the football program. Ever since the new staff arrived, the sense of excitement has returned to the squad. Hobson recognizes the magnitude of the adjustments and knows it's time for him and his teammates to realize their potential.

"There's been a change in the culture at the University of Arizona," Hobson said. "We have to step everything up; everything has changed a lot. It's a change in culture."

Hobson could set goals for himself as an individual, but he is more focused on the big picture at this point in time. The linebacker feels more obligated to his teammates and accomplishing the goals they are all pursuing.

"It's really just to win games," Hobson said. "Play well for my boys. That's all I can do. Do my job the best I can and help us and all work as a unit and do our best."

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