Dastrup taking his time

Payton Dastrup is one of Arizona's top priorities for 2014. Read on to see where Arizona stands, when he will decide, and much more.

Mesa Mountain View 2014 power forward Payton Dastrup burst onto the national basketball scene earlier this year and credits a lot of his success to some of the more over-looked aspects of basketball.

"I wanted to be more physical and aggressive this summer and I think I did that," Dastrup said. "I tried to apply it to all aspects of my game.

"On defense, I always try to beat the opposing big man down the court so he doesn't get deep positioning. On offense, I want to fight for the ball and finish strong at the basket."

Dastrup is looking to build off his successful summer, but he knows it will be difficult.

"I'm not sure how our team is going to do this year," Dastrup said. "We're kind of rebuilding, but we still have high expectations and we want to be competitive with the best.

"When you play at Mountain View there are always going to be high expectations, and we will all work hard to hopefully reach our potential"

The UA coaching staff will be closely monitoring Dastrup's progress.

"I hear from Arizona all the time," Dastrup said. "They're professional and they go about things the right way.

"They usually send me stuff in the mail three times a week. They're obviously a school with a lot of positive aspects."

Dastrup is unlikely make a decision anytime soon.

"I don't know for sure when I'll make a decision, but I don't plan on making one anytime soon," Dastrup said. "I've got more options than I had at the beginning of the summer, and I want to look at some different schools before I make a selection.

"If I had to guess I'd say it will be sometime my senior year."

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