Conwell adjusting to college

Dakota Conwell is one of the more highly regarded freshmen on Arizona. Read on to see his biggest challenge, an update on his health, and more.

There are not many, if any, Arizona freshmen that have had higher expectations placed upon them than linebacker Dakota Conwell.

Unfortunately, Conwell has been battling an injury and has struggled a bit to get going consistently.

"It is coming along much better," Conwell said. "I have been walking around a lot more and I am going to try to slowly transition back to practice. It is a stress injury at the top of my foot from over-exerting, but it is nothing major.

"It is definitely frustrating because I have had to miss a lot of practice, but there is still a lot of football and it is a long season, so I am sure I will be fine."

The injury has allowed Conwell to study the mental aspects of the game, which could benefit him considering that it is the biggest hurdle in his transition.

"Definitely just picking up the mental part of the game," Conwell said of the most difficult part of his transition. "Coming from high school, this is definitely a much more complex defense, really trying to understand what the whole defense is doing rather than what you are just doing yourself.

"I have definitely made my fair share of mistakes, but I think I am picking it up pretty fast just by watching film and studying my playbook every night."

The defensive scheme is new for everybody and while there is a learning curve, Conwell feels that the defense has shown improvement as of late.

"Camp has been tough, but I think we have gotten a lot better and learned a lot about the defense that we are running," he said.

"We definitely have a lot of room to improve, but day by day I have seen the defense flying to the ball a lot more and playing hard, so I think as time goes on we are going to get better and better."

One of the major concerns about the defense is the lack of depth, but Conwell says that it is not an issue for the players.

"I really do not think about it," he said. "You have kids here that have scholarships or are walk-ons and they work really hard, so I think whoever has the opportunity to step up will."

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