Arizona's preparation for Toledo begins

Although practice was cut short due to the rain, preparation for Toledo has started. Read on for Rich Rodriguez's thoughts on the offense, game plan, and more.

Practice ended a little early on Monday due to rain, causing some disappointment among Rich Rodriguez and his team.

"Today was going to be the first day," Rodriguez said of planning for Toledo. "We didn't get to it because we lost the team period part of practice, but we're slowly installing the Toledo game plan at each practice now."

At the start of last week, Rodriguez said he would have a pretty good idea of what the depth chart would be. One week later that holds true, but it is still something that is changing.

"It is pretty fluid," he said. "I don't know if it is going to be permanent for a few weeks. At least we have kind of our ones and twos and a temporary scout team, but some of the guys on the scout team are playing on special teams and all that."

In terms of the offense, Rodriguez says that he is working on planning what type of playbook the Wildcats will be using for the first game.

"We probably have a lot more plays than we need," he said. "We have plenty of offense that we have got in now and now it is just a matter of what we can execute and what the guys can remember.

"We have to remember that this is the first game for all of them in the system and we don't want to overwhelm them, but you have to have enough to have answers to the problems they may do."

In addition, Rodriguez wants to make sure that he is prepared for what Toledo may throw at the UA in the first game.

"With your first opponent it is a little bit of guesswork what they are going to do," he said. "You can prepare what you think their defensive staff has been and what they have done in the past, but you still have to have probably a bigger play sheet to draw from because you are not sure how they are going to attack you in the first game."

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