Bush-Loo adjusting to change

Keoni Bush-Loo came to Arizona as a tight end, but is now playing linebacker. Read on to see how he feels about the move, who has helped him the most, and more.

Keoni Bush-Loo may not have been rated that highly in high school, but now that he is in college, rankings are thrown out the window and he is expected to contribute right away.

Bush-Loo is happy with his progress so far, but is still working to adjust to one major difference from his high school days in Hawaii.

"I have been doing pretty well," Bush-Loo said. "The only main adjustment has been the weather because it is really hot over here. I am just trying to get adjusted to that, but I am getting there and I really like this place."

Bush-Loo started as a tight end, but the coaching staff approached him with a position change in order to improve the team.

"They came to me and asked if I wanted to play linebacker because they need help there and I said I would give it my best shot," he said. "So far it has gone pretty good."

Playing linebacker is not new to Bush-Loo, as he was able to gain some experience in high school.

"I played a little bit of linebacker in high school and I really like the position and watching it professionally," he said. "It was not a big deal and I wanted to do it."

Bush-Loo is still adjusting to the pace of the game and although the change has brought its challenges, he is happy where he is at so far.

"It is college, so the players are a lot harder to cover and the coverages are different," Bush-Loo said. "It has only been a few days, but I have been getting it down with the blitzes and all that."

The transition to linebacker has also been made easier because Bush-Loo's teammates have stepped in to help.

"Jake Fischer always talks to me and Hank Hobson and Rob Hankins have helped me a lot," Bush-Loo said. "They know I am a young guy and anything I need help with they give me and tell me what I did good and what I need to do to do better."

It also helps that Bush-Loo's position coach is also the defensive coordinator.

"Coach Casteel is a good coach," he said. "He is really hard on his players, but he knows what he is doing. We always watch film on his other defenses to see what they did and I try to listen to what he says and put it on the field."

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