Miller ready to break out

Terrence Miller may be in a new offense,but his expectations are still high. Read on for thoughts on playing in the offense, why the receivers are so dangerous, and more.

The first three years of Terrence Miller's college career have been up and down.

At times the wide receiver has shown flashes of brilliance, but there have also been times where he was inexplicably absent from the field.

Now under a new coaching staff, Miller's role is expected to increase. With head coach Rich Rodriguez leading the way, Miller is welcoming of the adjustments.

"My first three years were a fun college experience," Miller said. "I had a lot of fun on the field and off the field. Now that coach Rod is here it's still the same fun, but it's a little more demanding, but it's kind of what we need around here."

With a full offseason of practice under the new staff, Miller sees progress. He recognizes the room for improvement, but knows the team is heading in the right direction.

"I feel we are progressing just fine," Miller said. "We're picking up the new playbook and the tempo still has to get a little faster to where coach wants it, but I think we are coming along pretty well."

While most of Rodriguez's offensive approach is predicated on the rushing attack, the wideouts are expected to make their mark as well.

Miller believes there are several playmakers within the receiving corps and they will make a big impact this season.

"I feel with my big play ability, along with some of the receivers' big play ability, we'll play a big role this season," Miller said.

The receiver even believes that there is enough talent at the wide receiver position to create mismatches for the opposing defenses they face.

"I feel like a lot of secondaries are going to cue on one of us and both of us have big play ability along with the slot receivers," Miller said.

"So there is no way they are going to be able to focus on one receiver because we have two or three other receivers that are going to be able to take off as well."

How far the offense goes will likely be determined by the progression and improvement made by quarterback Matt Scott. Miller has been impressed with the UA signal-caller and credits Scott's growth as a leader.

"Matt is looking really good," Miller said. "His confidence is up. His arm is good. His leadership is high. He's looking real good."

In his final season as a Wildcat, Miller has to work with a brand new staff and a system that is nowhere near to what he is used to playing in.

Despite the changes, Miller is satisfied and has a lot of respect for his new head coach.

"He's a perfectionist," Miller said. "He wants things done the right way the first time, but I think that's how a head coach should be. He shouldn't want things to be average to start and hopefully get better. He wants things to be great from the start and I agree with him."

The new staff is being credited with altering the culture surrounding Arizona football. Miller believes that the changes will be for the greater good of the program and thinks that Arizona could be a significantly improved team in 2012.

"Whoever looks at last year is a fool," Miller said. "This is a completely different team. We have a new coach, a new staff, and a new mindset. I think the new coach and mindset are the biggest changes. This is not the same team from last year.

"We are a lot hungrier and eager to prove people wrong. Now, we have a chip on our shoulder and have a reason to go out and prove people wrong and that's what we want to do as a team."

For Miller it's a big year, not just because it's his final year on campus, but because it's his final season teaming up with childhood friend Daniel Jenkins.

The two were high school teammates as they came to UA together and plan on remaining close after college has concluded.

"Me and DJ have been friends for so long," Miller said. "We played on the same high school team. I've blocked for him; he's blocked for me. I have been his quarterback.

"Me and DJ go back so long that it's one of those relationships where will be friends until we die."

It's going to be a challenging senior campaign for Miller. The hope is that the season is a successful one, so it adds another chapter to the story of him and Jenkins as teammates.

"We're always reminiscing all the time and hopefully this year will be another chapter we can reminisce on later in life." Miller said.

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