Offensive lineman favoring Cats

If there is one thing that Coach John Mackovic likes to see in his recruiting classes it is tall, physical offensive linemen. UA coaches have been hot and heavy on the trail of one such specimen in Bill Wacholz of Rancho Bernardo High School in San Diego, and for good reason.

Not only is Wacholz a big and strong physical specimen, he's also totally focused on making himself a premier offensive tackle. Fortunately for the Wildcats, he's also a strong lean for Arizona. He's just awaiting a formal offer.

CAT TRACKS: Arizona is No. 1 on your list?
BW: "Correct."

CT: What coach is recruiting you for the UA?
BW: "Coach Bernstein."

CT: How long has Arizona been your leader?
BW: "They've been No. 1 for a couple of months."

CT: What is it that drew you to Arizona?
BW: "They started recruiting me really hard. I like the coaches and I like their teaching style. I was really impressed when I took an unofficial visit."

CT: Have you taken any other unofficial visits?
BW: "That's my only visit so far."

CT: When do you anticipate a formal offer?
BW: "I expect after my first couple of games when they can see some more tape of me because I don't have as much tape as they wanted to see. See, I was a whole different athlete last year. I was running a 5.6 forty last year and now I'm running a 5.1. I'm just light years quicker."

CT: How did you make yourself over as an athlete; just by hitting the weights?
BW: "I've always hit the weights hard. It's just a whole conditioning program. I've been playing racquetball twice a week and I've been seeing a speed coach. A lot of conditioning all came together for me."

CT: Didn't you have a breakthrough camp earlier up in the Bay Area?
BW: "At the Stanford Nike Camp. That's when I showed my quickness."

CT: You also attended the UA mini-camp in June. What did you think?
BW: "I really liked Coach (Mike) Deal (OL coach & OC) a lot. I met everyone of their coaches and I liked them a lot."

CT: What all did they have the linemen doing?
BW: "They tested us. The coaches taught us their style of blocking and we went through a lot of drills."

CT: Did you feel like you learned a lot?
BW: "I think I learned a lot that will help me my senior year in high school."

CT: How much are you benching right now?
"I bench 375. Last year I was benching 325."

CT: And which tackle position do you play?
BW: "I play left offensive tackle. The coaches (at UA) say I have the perfect frame for offensive tackle. They really like my speed."

CT: How are you spending your summer?
BW: "In the morning, four times a week, I've had high school lifting at about 7 a.m. Then I go to the gym twice a day after that and work several different body parts. I might work my back around 11 a.m. and my chest around 5 in the afternoon. I've been pretty busy. I've also seen a speed coach two or three times a week."

CT: How have you managed to make such dramatic improvement in your quickness?
BW: "Mainly quickness drills; moving my feet a lot and body control stuff, plus some lateral running and plants."

CT: Last year you say you didn't have great quickness, but would you say you were a physical lineman?
BW: "Yeah, there is no question about my aggressiveness, it's just that I was really slow last year."

CT: Was there anyone else from the San Diego area at the UA mini-camp?
BW: "No, I was the only one from the San Diego area at the camp."

CT: Were there any people at the UA camp that you had met or seen at other camps?
BW: "I met a bunch of guys at the camp, but I hadn't seen any of them before."

CT: What did you think of the UA weight room?
BW: "I was really impressed with the weight room. It's huge."

CT: How is your team looking this year?
BW: "We have a real good chance of going back to (Qualcomm) for the championship. We went there the year before last but lost by two points in the championship game. And we were 9-2 last year."

CT: Does your team have any other D-1 prospects?
BW: "Yes, we have two other D-1 prospects. One of them, Chris Kolone, is a defensive tackle that the UA has offered. He's about 6-3 and 280. I think he's going to wait until the end of the season to make his choice."

CT: Did you get to meet any of the Arizona players at the camp?
BW: "I saw one UA player, a D-lineman who was about 6-3 and probably 300 pounds."

CT: What do you like to do for relaxation? Do you surf?
BW:"No, I'm not a surfer. I like to relax at the spa."

CT: Do you know what you want to major in?
BW: "I will be a Liberal Arts major. I'm already qualified. I scored a 980 on my SAT and I have a 2.8 core GPA."

CT: What's your favorite food?
BW: "Steak."

CT: So how strong are you leaning to Arizona?
BW: "I'm about 95 percent sure I will commit as soon as I get an offer. I'm pretty sold on their program. Of course, if five offers came out of nowhere I'd probably have to investigate, but as long as the UA offers early it'd be a pretty quick decision."

CT: What other schools are recruiting you?
BW: "UCLA, Washington, Washington State and ASU in the Pac-10 and four or five Mountain West Conference schools. Plus a couple of WAC schools, but when it comes down to it, my favorite conference is the Pac-10 and my favorite school in the conference is the UA right now."

CT: Are you looking to play right away or redshirt?
BW: "It's really up to the coaches. They said they were going to have a shortage of offensive linemen so I guess it's a possibility I might not redshirt."

CT: Coach Mackovic likes big offensive linemen.
BW: "I know, he said I was the perfect size, frame and speed that he likes to work with. He told my parents I was the perfect body for him."

CT: Do you think you will get any bigger?
BW: "If you look at the size of my hands and feet, you'd think I might have another half an inch to grow because I wear size 17 shoes. Right now, I'm about 6-6 and 1/2. It'd be nice to get up to 6-7."

CT: Do you anticipate adding weight?
BW: "Well I weigh 285 right now and I want to play at this weight this year and over the next off-season I'll probably get up to 295 or 300, but I'll make sure it's lean muscle and not flab."

CT: Do you plan to see Arizona play this year?
BW: "I'm assuming that I will. I'm planning on going and watching a game or two this year."

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