Flowers adjusting to new position

Marquis Flowers has moved from safety to linebacker. How has he done so far? What is the biggest challenge? Read on for these answers and more.

Rich Rodriguez had made no secret of the fact that he is willing to move players around on both sides of the ball in order to make sure Arizona is in the best position to win.

One such player that has moved positions is Marquis Flowers, as he has gone from safety to being a starter at one of the linebacker spots.

For Flowers, the move was nothing shocking, as the coaches came to him and told him their idea for improving the team.

"It wasn't a surprise," Flowers said. "The coaches called me in and asked me and told me that it'd be best for team. And I had no problem doing it for the team. Right now it's a good deal. Game time, I'm going to play fast and play hard. I played it before in high school so it's nothing really new."

Flowers believes that there is only one major difference between the two positions and it is something that he has been working on.

"The biggest challenge is probably me staying low," Flowers said. "You know as safety you kind of come up a little bit and back up, but I know very well if I run up to a lineman like Trace (Biskin), they'll put me right back on my back."

Rodriguez says that he has been happy with the way that Flowers has accepted the change for the better of the team.

"Marquis is a pretty smart guy," Rodriguez said. "At least he tells us that. And so I think that from my standpoint it shows that we have some unselfish players. You know, guys like Marquis, who is going to a new position and you mentioned Taimi playing on both sides of the ball.

"I think the guys are really unselfish. We have a lot of guys that are just trying to do what we've asked them to do as far as helping the program in any way and know that they all have a value and importance. Even the guys that aren't starting bring a lot of value and importance to this program."

Flowers is part of a defense that has already brought plenty of skepticism and one that Rodriguez admits will see some pressure this weekend.

"Turnovers are important because of possession," Rodriguez said. "The most important step to us is possession. How many possessions can our offense get and can our defense, on their possessions, can they limit theirs and keep them from scoring?

"That's a challenge because we have a lot of new guys playing and some guys playing in a new position and they're all learning a new scheme. I think they'll be excited to play Saturday night. (Toledo) is a really good offensive team."

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