Grant remains excited about Arizona

Samajie Grant is one of the more highly regarded players in Arizona's class. Read on for his thoughts on the Wildcats, what still impresses him, and more.

One of the more highly-rated players in the 2013 UA recruiting class is wide receiver Samajie Grant.

The 6-foot-3 Ontario (Calif.) Colony wide receiver boasted an impressive offer list but decided to cast his lot with the new UA coaching staff.

"It's kind of hard to explain just one thing that attracted me to Arizona," Grant said. "First, the coaching staff is very upfront with you, which I definitely appreciate. There wasn't a lot of extra stuff involved.

"They basically said that they want us to have fun in college, but school and football are the main reasons were all here, and everyone is expected to work hard when people aren't watching you, and that fits in with what I'm all about."

Grant's opinion of the coaching staff has not changed in the slightest and he is appreciative of the honesty it has.

"The coaches don't beat around the bush," Grant said. "They make their expectations known, but at the same time they recognize we are young men."

The possibility of early playing time helped Grant commit to Arizona and still intrigues him.

"They let us know they don't promise anything," Grant said. "But they also said there is an opportunity for early playing time for players that come in and work hard to make an early contribution and that is what I'm aiming for."

Grant is also impressed by the academic opportunities the school provides.

"I have talked with some different academic people and they are impressive," Grant said. "I want to major in communications and they have a solid communication department that I want to take full advantage of.

"Basically, the school and the coaches showed me everything academically and football-wise that I needed to feel comfortable committing to."

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