Gibson anxious to see defense

Tony Gibson is anxious to see the defense against other competition. Read on for his thoughts on Toledo, the safeties, and more.

Tony Gibson has been working with the safeties for a while now and on Saturday he will finally have the opportunity to see them against actual competition.

"I am anxious to see them play against somebody else to kind of see where we are at with everything," Gibson said.

"It is hard when you don't have a scrimmage or don't have a chance to play against another team."

Toledo will not be an easy test, as Gibson believes the Rockets are dangerous on offense.

"They do some good things," he said. "They have speed on the perimeter and their quarterbacks have experience.

"They are a threat to us running the ball and throwing the ball. They do a great job with their schemes."

Toledo has named Austin Dantin as the starter at quarterback, but will use Terrance Owens as well. As far as Gibson is concerned, it does not change much.

"Not really," he said. "One thing it changes is that if one is not playing well, they have another one to go to.

"I am sure we will see a lot of both of them. They have the luxury of going to another guy if one is not playing well."

Gibson does not have a lot of depth to work with, but is happy with the two players that have stood out.

"Tra'Mayne Bondurant and Jared Tevis right now I think are ready," Gibson said. "I just think we will know a lot more Saturday night.

"Especially after we had to move Marquis over, behind those guys are a bunch of freshmen or guys that were wideouts in the spring that we moved over. They have the most game experience."

One of those freshman that is expected to contribute is Wayne Capers Jr., who has impressed Gibson so far.

He is very athletic and he is doing some good things right now," Gibson said. "I am not hesitant at all to put him in if we need him."

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