Wildcats open season with thrilling win

Arizona's season opener could not have been much more thrilling, but it thankfully came up on the right side of things, as the Wildcats defeated Toledo 24-17 at Arizona Stadium. Read on for a complete recap of the action.

Rich Rodriguez may have wanted to win more comfortably, but it is the end result that matters.

Despite missed field goals and numerous errors, Arizona was able to persevere and Terrence Miller caught a ten-yard pass from Matt Scott in overtime to win 24-17 at Arizona Stadium.

Toledo started the game with the ball at its own 25-yard line, but was not able to do much with it. Austin Dantin found Justin Olack for 19 yards to get to its own 39-yard line, but the drive stalled and a punt gave Arizona the ball on its own 20.

After an incomplete pass, Ka'Deem Carey ran for 12 yards and Matt Scott found Terrence Miller for 13. Two plays later, Miller had a 27-yard reception and Scott followed with a six-yard run. Dan Buckner then caught a 10-yard pass and Carey ran for 18 yards on the next play. Unfortunately, the drive then stalled and Arizona settled for a 26-yard field goal by John Bonano to make it 3-0 with 9:38 left in the first quarter.

Toledo answered with a solid drive, as Cassius McDowell had a four-yard run and then two plays later added five more. Two plays later, Olack caught a 14-yard pass and Bernard Reedy added six yards of his own shortly after. The drive then stalled and Toledo's 48-yard field goal attempt missed, giving Arizona the ball on its own 31.

Scott started the drive with an 11-yard run and then found Austin Hill for 33 yards. Two plays later, Hill caught a 14-yard pass, but Richard Morrison fumbled on the next play, giving Toledo the ball on its own two-yard line.

Toledo tried to get some momentum going, as David Pasquale ran for five yards, Terrence Owens added five of his own, and then Owens found Alonzo Russell for four yards. Two plays later, Owens gained nine yards on the ground and found Reedy for four yards in the air to give Toledo the ball on its own 33-yard line to end with the first quarter with Arizona leading 3-0.

Two plays into the second quarter, Owens completed an eight-yard pass to Dwight Macon before finding Russell for a 59-yard touchdown, as the extra point made it 7-3 in favor of Toledo with 13:55 left.

Arizona started on its own 25-yard line and it only took two plays for Scott to find Buckner for 21 yards. Three plays later Buckner caught a pass for 22 yards before Scott found Hill for a diving catch up the middle for a 30-yard touchdown as the extra point made it 10-7 with 12:04 left.

The teams exchanged possessions before Toledo took over on its own 27-yard line with a 23-yard pass to Cordale Scott followed by four rushes for a combined 14 yards. A holding call on Sir Thomas Jackson put Toledo on Arizona's 17 before McDowell had two carries for a combined 11 yards.

Two plays later, Marquis Flowers was called for a personal foul and the Rockets scored easily on a Fluellen two-yard run, as the extra point made it 14-10 with 6:01 left in the first half.

Arizona looked to get something going with a 10-yard pass to Miller and six-yard completion to Morrison, but Hill fumbled on the next play, giving Toledo the ball on its own 34.

Neither team was able to put together a solid drive for the rest of the half, as Toledo went into halftime up 14-10.

Arizona's first drive of the half was unsuccessful, as Scott and Carey ran for seven yards each before the drive stalled and Scott punted on fourth and three, giving Toledo the ball at its own 20. Toledo tried to get something going with a nine-yard run by Reedy followed by 11 total yards on two carried by Fluellen. However, Arizona came up big on third down and forced Toledo to punt, taking over on its own 16.

Arizona had an 11-yard completion to Hill before Ka'Deem Carey found a hole and was able to explode for the 73-yard touchdown run, as the extra point made it 17-14 with 10:44 left.

The UA then proceeded to onside kick it and John Bonano recovered, giving the Wildcats the ball on their own 48. Unfortunately for Arizona, the Wildcats were unable to get anything going and went three and out.

Toledo was able to gain 16 yards on its first two plays of the drive, but Jake Fischer forced a fumble two plays later. Arizona looked to have scored on its first play after that, but a block in the back brought it back. Buckner answered with two catches for 27 yards, but the drive stalled and Arizona missed what should have been an easy 24-yard field goal with 4:58 left in the third quarter.

The teams then exchanged possessions before Toledo took over on its own 35-yard line. McDowell ran for 12 yards and Toledo kept it on the ground as Fluellen ran for 11,7,4,6, and three yards to end the third quarter with the ball at Arizona's 21. Arizona made a stand on third and one to begind the fourth quarter and the 40-yard field goal went right through the pipes, as Toledo tied the game at 17.

Arizona started on its own 25 with a five-yard run by Carey and two plays later, Scott gained seven of his own on the ground. Daniel Jenkins followed with a run for seven yards and two plays later, Hill gained seven in the air to put Arizona into a fourth and one situation on its own 46. The Wildcats elected to go for it, but Tutogi was unable to come up with it.

Arizona forced a three and out due in large part to a sack by Marquis Flowers and the UA started on its own 10-yard line.

The Wildcats got something going with a six-yard reception by Buckner followed by a 14-yard run by Scott. After an eight-yard pass to Buckner, the drive stalled a bit and Scott threw an interception as Toledo took over on its own 37.

Toledo lost a yard on its first play and gained ten two plays later on a pass to Reedy as Toledo decided to go for it on fourth and one from its own 41-yard line. Dantin converted on a quarterback sneak and the Rockets kept the drive going with over six minutes left in the half.

Arizona was able to force the punt and started on its own 20. Three plays into the drive, Scott ran for 10 yards and Carey followed with 14 of his own. Scott then found Buckner for 11 yards and Morrison for ten before rushing for 18. Arizona then stalled a bit and killed the clock, setting up a 25-yard field goal by Bonano. Unfortunately, the field goal missed and the game headed to overtime.

In overtime, Arizona forced a pass interference call on Tutogi and on third down, Scott scampered and was able to find Miller for a ten-yard touchdown. Arizona came up with the defensive stop and the Wildcats were able to come up with a win.

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