Arizona vs. Toledo: Positive and Negatives

There was plenty of good and bad in Arizona's win over Toledo. Read on for a complete breakdown of both.

Saturday night at Arizona Stadium served as a friendly reminder that the Wildcats are still struggling to grasp the new schemes that head coach Rich Rodriguez and defensive coordinator Jeff Casteel installed during the offseason.

UA played better as the game progressed, but showed that it still has a lot to learn. With a big test next week against Oklahoma State on the schedule, Arizona has a few things it can build off of as well as issues it must work through.


Ka'Deem Carey: If the Tucson native can continue to thrive like he did Saturday night, the Wildcats offense is going to be difficult to stop.

Carey is still learning, but he looked like a seasoned veteran against Toledo and probably could have compiled an even more impressive stat line had he received more than 20 carries.

Matt Scott: If there was any concern regarding Scott's grasp of the system, that all went away this weekend. Granted, it was Toledo has was facing, but it was quite obvious that Scott as a natural fit for the offense.

Wide receivers: With Dan Buckner, Terrence Miller and Austin Hill on the field simultaneously, the Wildcats have three very big targets to utilize and they all showed up Saturday night.

The trio gives Scott a plethora of sizable targets to utilize and possibly create mismatch problems for the opposition. The Wildcats also trotted out Richard Morrison, David Richards, and Johnny Jackson, proving there is plenty of depth at wideout.

Jared Tevis: The walk-on sophomore from Canyon Del Oro was all over the field against Toledo, picking up 12 total tackles and breaking up two passes. Tevis worked his way up the depth chart throughout the offseason and proved he can be effective at safety.

Marquis Flowers: The linebacker showed early that he is still new to the position, but he stepped up to prove he can make an impact. The junior collected 10 total tackles – four behind the line of scrimmage – and picked up 1.5 sacks. Flowers should only get better as he gains more knowledge of the position.

Improvement Needed

Richard Morrison: Don't be mistaken, Morrison has a lot of talent and can be a very successful player in the new system if he executes.

The problem for Morrison on Saturday is that he didn't do that, as he dropped a touchdown pass and fumbled the ball in the opponent's red zone.

Hopefully for Morrison, it doesn't become something that lingers in the back of his head because he can be a productive wide receiver in Rodriguez's scheme.

Linebacker depth (or lack thereof): Arizona started Sir Thomas Jackson at linebacker and while he did an admirable job considering the circumstances, he wasn't the first choice to take the role and it was obvious he was still adapting.

With Both Rob Hankins and Hank Hobson out, the linebackers experienced their fair share of shortcomings on Saturday.

Shaquille Richardson: To be fair to Richardson, he had a pretty good game outside of one play, but that one play was huge. Richardson allowed Alonzo Russell to get behind him to catch a 59-yard touchdown pass, which gave the Rockets the lead at the time.

Third-down efficiency: Arizona converted only five out of 15 third-down attempts. If it equals that futile figure against Oklahoma State, then the Wildcats virtually have no shot to win.

Snapping the ball: Too often I saw Scott have to reach down or bend over to pick up a snap that ended up at his shoelaces. Better placement on snaps would give Scott the best chance to make a quick play if needed.

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