Staff Predictions: Oklahoma State

Arizona is set to take on Oklahoma State on Saturday. Read on to see how the staff sees the game playing out.

This week's contest is Arizona going up against Oklahoma State in what should be one of the toughest challenges all season.

Ashley Nevel: As I reflect on both Arizona's and Oklahoma State's season opener victories, I remain stuck at a crossroad determining which team had a more impressive start.

Is it really that big of a shock that a team like Oklahoma State beat Savannah State 84-0? Savannah State had a 1-10 record in 2011 while Oklahoma State earned bragging rights for a 11-1 record last season.

Expectations were set too high for Arizona's season opener last week against Toledo. Arizona missed crucial field goals and lost two potential touchdowns due to penalties. The Wildcats had to carry the game into overtime to win 24-17, and quarterback Matt Scott was too resilient to let the game slip away from underneath him.

Arizona's defense looked better than I thought, but even with the proliferation of new management and players, the Oklahoma State Cowboys execute their offense with precision, and will be difficult for the Wildcats to contain.

Oklahoma State 41, Arizona 24

Overall: 1-0

Jason Nimrichter: Joseph Randle is going to be too much for this defense to handle. He is a complete mismatch and given how inconsistent the defense was against Toledo, I can see Randle rushing for over 200 yards in this contest.

The Wildcats have a glimmer of hope, facing a true freshman at quarterback in Wes Lunt and a group of receivers that aren't quite as talented as they have been in the past. I just don't see how UA is going to stop, or even slow down, Randle.

Oklahoma State 49, Arizona 28

Overall: 1-0

Cody James Martin: I'm going to just say what I've been thinking for some time now: this is a trap game for Oklahoma State. Whether others agree or disagree, the Cowboys can come to Arizona Stadium overconfident and head home with a loss.

That being said, I think Oklahoma State's running game will be the downfall of the Wildcats. Wes Lunt will struggle, but Joseph Randle will carry the team. To its credit, Arizona should keep up have a chance to win in the end.

Oklahoma State 35, Arizona 28

Overall: 1-0

Michael Luke: I look for Arizona to be surprisingly competitive in a high-scoring game. Oklahoma State will run the ball at will, but Arizona's offense will pose problems for the Cowboys.

Bottom line, the Wildcats lack of depth and talent in the trenches will be exposed throughout the game.

Oklahoma State 48, Arizona 34

Overall: 1-0

Jason Scheer: The only real question about this game will be on defense for Arizona. Wes Lunt is a freshman quarterback making his first road start and playing in his first game against a decent opponent.

The guess here is that Oklahoma State makes life easy for him by giving the ball to Joseph Randle as much as possible. If Arizona can't stop the run, there is just no way that it can win this game.

I think we will know what type of game this will be in the first few minutes. If the Arizona defense is able to make an initial stop or two, this game will be close. If not, the writing is on the wall.

Oklahoma State 38, Arizona 21

Overall: 1-0

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