A Closer Look: Davis Nwankwo

He goes to Georgetown Prep and his high school coach is a former John Thompson point guard. Sounds like Davis Nwankwo would be a Hoya lock, but that doesn't appear to be the case. The big man from Maryland is very interested in coming out west.

6-9, 220, PF/C
North Bethesda, MD
Georgetown Prep
Arizona, Stanford, Georgetown, Connecticut

Davis Nwankwo is an athletic big man with a nice body. He's been well coached and plays hard. He's a high school teammate of future Hoya Al Hibbert and he knows how to play with other big men. At Nike he shared the floor with 7-footer Magnum Rolle and was very good at being where Rolle was not. Sharing the floor with other quality post players is not a problem with Nwankwo.

He always plays hard and hits the glass. Unlike many well-regarded big men, Nwankwo does not float. He's got good footwork and some nice moves in the post. He is good with his back to the basket. He moves very well and has nice hands.

Nwankwo is a smart player and a classy kid. After fouling out in a game he kept his head up and congratulated teammates as they came off the floor.

Although he is athletic, he isn't explosive. His coach says he has a 43-inch vertical leap, but at Nike we did not see it. He boards well, but a lot of it stems from hard work and good positioning.

Nwankwo has trouble on defense, especially against athletic players. In high school he dominated some quality big men, but they were all plodders. Against quicker players at Nike he struggled and racked up a ton of fouls.

Despite being well coached, he still needs a lot of polish. He needs further coaching, but has a lot of skills with which to work.

Very good, if they want him. He loves the West Coast and it could be between Stanford and Arizona for his services. As of now he seems to be on the second tier of Arizona's wish list.

Bo Outlaw, Ervin Johnson, P.J. Brown

"There's nothing flashy or dazzling about the way he gets things done down low at both ends of the floor. But he gets them done with great frequency anyway."--Frank Burlison

Stanford may be the choice. Nwankwo loves the academics and the Cardinal has been showing him a lot of love. Arizona may drag its feet, which could push him to Palo Alto. Don't count Georgetown out either.

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