Lyons enjoying transition

Mark Lyons is one of the most important players on the Arizona basketball squad this year. Read on to see how his transition has gone, his thoughts on Sean Miller, and more.

With the Bahamas trip out of the way and workouts in full swing, Mark Lyons has done well in adjusting to his new school.

"Honestly it just feels good to be here and reuniting with my old coach," Lyons said. "I just feel welcome right now. Our team looks really, really good. We are young at some positions, but we look really good and talented."

Lyons was careful not to step on any toes when he arrived at Arizona and he says that the rest of his teammates have done a good job of understanding where he is coming from as he enters his last year of college basketball.

"I have just been trying to lead by example," Lyons said. "I know most of the things we do in practice, the drills, and what coach expects. I have played for him before, so a lot of the guys know the things I have been through.

"I have been through wars on the court, ups and downs, being up 20, down 20, so I have been in certain positions and predicaments that the guys can trust me on the court, so I just try to lead by example."

Although Lyons is getting along well with his teammates, he will not hesitate to help them improve as well.

"I have always been the type of guy that will try to keep people accountable," Lyons said. "Coach Miller installed that in me my freshman year. He was always big on being accountable.

"That stuck with me for four years and I have always been the type of guy where if I am going to hold myself accountable I am going to hold my teammates accountable as well."

Lyons was recruited to Xavier by Sean Miller and besides his own changes, the guard notices a change in his head coach as well.

"He is a little bit more laid back," Lyons said of Miller. "He used to be a little bit more aggressive and now he is more mature as a coach at the end of the day. He has always been a mature guy, but you can tell that he is happy to be here and has changed his ways to adapt to the guys he has now."

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