Fischer not looking ahead

Jake Fischer is off to a fast start this season. Read on for his thoughts on South Carolina State, the challenges it brings, and more.

Arizona will be heavily favored against South Carolina State, but linebacker Jake Fischer has no intention of looking ahead to next week's game at Oregon.

"We are actually looking forward to playing this team and we are not looking after this weekend so far," Fischer said. "What we are doing is basically taking it step by step, taking it practice by practice and learning what they do best and trying to counter it."

Fischer admits that teams throughout the country often look ahead, but says that head coach Rich Rodriguez has not allowed his squad to do that.

"Teams do it, but Coach Rodriguez is doing a real good job of instilling in us that anybody can win any game," Fischer said. "They can watch the tape and see what we did bad and there were a lot of things we did do bad.

"We fortunately did enough to win the game, but they have athletes just like we do, they have guys that love to play football and on any given day anyone can beat anyone and that is the kind of mindset we have right now."

Fischer says one aspect of the game that he can count on is the fact that SCSU will not be intimidated by what the Wildcats bring to the table.

"They come at you," he said. "They are not scared of anybody. They see it as they can upset a D-I school. They have the players to do it. They have the scheme to do it and they have good coaches too."

There is an expectation by many that this game should be theoretically over before the start of the fourth quarter.

Fischer believes that while the team would ideally like to see that situation, Arizona does not focus on a specific number.

"As long as we fly to the ball, what we are going to try to do is execute the game plan that we set forth," Fischer said. "If we do that the score will take care of itself. In today's game you are not going to beat a lot of teams by that many points. We are just trying to get the win."

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