Pitts excited about Jefferson addition

Elliott Pitts found out about Rondae Jefferson on Thursday night. Read on for his reaction, thoughts on the class in general, and more.

With the school year under way and with his commitment to the University of Arizona, Elliot Pitts has allowed his life to slow down. He has started team drills and is enjoying his senior year.

On Thursday night, after one of his team preseason workouts, WildcatAuthority.com was the first to break the news to Pitts that Rondae Jefferson would be joining him at Arizona.

"I hadn't heard that yet because I was just at practice," Pitts said when asked about Jefferson's commitment. "That's amazing. It's awesome to add him right now."

After taking in the information for a few moments, the shooting guard admitted that the news was exciting to him and the future of the program.

"It's definitely great," Pitts said. "I've been hearing he was interested for a while. I've seen him play on the AAU circuit a little bit. He's a great player and a great addition."

Pitts has seen Jefferson play and has respect for the small forward. He is also looking forward to playing next to him at Arizona.

"He's a really athletic small forward," Pitts said. "I know he's a really good shooter too. Getting him the ball is always going to have a good chance of it going in the basket. That's a good deal for us."

As for next season, Pitts is already having high aspirations for himself and his teammates.

"We definitely want to contribute to the team as freshmen," he said. "We want to help the team get to the National Championship."

While the Wildcats recruiting class only holds two players at the moment, and could stay that way, there is no cause for concern. The high school senior believes that Arizona is right where it needs to be on the recruiting front.

"I think (Arizona) is doing a great job recruiting right now and getting the right guys," Pitts said. "They're getting guys that fit our style of play and what we need to do next year."

Along with Elliot Pitts and Rondae Jefferson, Sean Miller may also be looking to add another player to the 2013 class. Both players know this and Pitts may even have a former teammate in mind to join the Wildcats.

"I know Arizona has been talking to Aaron Gordon a lot and I've played with him in eighth and ninth grade," Pitts said. "I know he's a great player and he would also be a great addition to the team.

"He has a great list of schools coming after him and I hope Arizona is on that list. I know I've talked with Coach Miller about it and he thinks they have a pretty good chance with him."

A class with Pitts, Jefferson, and Gordon would make a run at one of the top five classes in the country, but it could mean even bigger things for the program.

"If he came too, we would have some potential," Pitts said. "With the three freshmen big men they have this year, and with Nick Johnson and Gabe York, adding us three would give us a great shot at a National Championship.

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