Staff Predictions: South Carolina State

Arizona is favored among the staff. Read on to see the score that each writer predicts Arizona to win by.

Michael Luke: I look for Arizona to move the ball at will and score early and often. It will be interesting to see if Arizona is able to limit South Carolina State's yardage. South Carolina State might score a few times but they don't have the players to match up with the Cats, and I look for a steady dose of Ka'Deem Carey to close out the game.

Arizona 48, SCSU 10

Overall: 1-1

Jason Nimrichter: Arizona must avoid a letdown after a big win over Oklahoma State. The good news is that they play a school in South Carolina State that is average by FCS standards. I expect the Wildcats' fast-paced offense to completely wear down the Bulldogs mediocre defense and put this game out of reach early.

Arizona 55, SCSU 14

Overall: 1-1

Ashley Nevel: The outcome of this game is really a no brainer.

After beating 18th ranked Oklahoma State last Saturday, a team that has beaten Arizona twice in the last two years, the Wildcats have the determination and energy for another victory in this weekend's game against South Carolina State.

Matt Scott's quick-decision making and his explosive arm prove that he's developed the skillsets needed for success. The upgrade in his offensive line has given him more time to execute and look for open men.

On top of that, I refuse to underestimate Arizona's defense anymore. They're aggressive, they're hungry, and they're eager to prove that the Wildcats are here to win.

Arizona 60, SCSU 21

Overall: 1-1

Cody James Martin: For the first time this season, the Arizona Wildcats are going to head into Arizona Stadium with a comfortable confidence about the game they are about to play. Toledo posed a trap game threat, and Oklahoma State was the favorite. While the Bulldogs could possibly steal the game if Arizona has an Arkansas-esque meltdown, that shouldn't be the case.

Arizona comes out a little slow to start, but picks up the tempo by the second or third series. After going up by a few touchdowns at halftime, the starters get much needed rest in the latter part of the game. No upset this weekend. Arizona wins big.

Arizona 52, SCSU 13

Overall: 1-1

Jason Scheer: I could pretend to break this game down, but there really is not a ton to talk about here. Arizona is heavily favored and should be and there is little reason to believe that Arizona is not going to have a two touchdown lead to end the first quarter.

I expect Rodriguez to focus on the running game early and then go for the kill with the passing game. This could be a good opportunity for a few of the younger guys to play and give the coaching staff a better idea of how they look.

Arizona 49, SCSU 10

Overall: 1-1

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