Dastrup looking at options

Payton Dastrup is one of the top players in 2014. Read on to see where he is in the recruiting process, his thoughts on Arizona, and more.

Few players improved their recruiting stock more over the last few months than Mesa (Ariz.) Mountain View center Payton Dastrup.

Arizona assistant coach Joe Pasternack recently stopped by Dastrup's high school to visit with the junior big man.

"He came by just to see how I was doing," Dastrup said. "He just reiterated how much they want me to become a Wildcat and how they like versatile big guys.

In addition, Pasternack told Dastrup that he was similar to the big men already on the roster.

"Coach Pasternack said I remind the staff of a combination of some parts the big guys they already have," Dastrup said.

"When I heard that I was a little taken aback because those guys are amazingly talented players, so to even be compared with those guys is an honor."

Dastrup is flattered by all the recruiting attention he is receiving, but is completely focused on what could be a trying high school season.

"I'm not sure how we are going to do this year," Dastrup said. "We've got a lot of questions at different positions and we're going to play big schools that have some talented, big, physical players.

"It's really important for me to become a leader and go out and try to dominate every game."

Dastrup is working hard to make his goal a reality.

"I'm hitting the weights really hard," Dastrup said. "I have a trainer that pushes me hard and makes me labor. I'm definitely getting stronger, but there is more to it than just bulking up.

"I'm working on my footwork, agility, and my lateral movement. It's a work in progress and I will do whatever it takes to try and lead my team because I don't want to have to wonder if I could have done more."

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