Arizona offense knows pressure is on

Arizona is not shying away from the fact that it is going to have to score numerous times on Saturday. Read on to see the offensive philosophy, thoughts on Autzen, and more.

Whether Arizona's defense plays well or not, it seems inevitable that Oregon is going to score a decent amount of points on Saturday.

The defense will obviously need to make some stops, but the offense is going to have to put points on the board as well, which is something that Matt Scott is confident his team can do.

"They have a good defense; they play hard and tough," Scott said. "But this offense plays hard and tough as well. Our guys up front played real well. The past three games, our playmakers have been coming through. So this offense is capable of beating them."

Offensive lineman Trace Biskin is also confident that if Arizona executes its game plan, it will be able to score.

"Our film of them shows us that they move around really fast, but if we play physical and move around with them then we can defeat their defense," Biskin said.

The Wildcats have had success through the air and while the run has done well, it has not been as consistent as Rich Rodriguez would like. In order to be able to win, Rodriguez believes Arizona needs to establish the run.

"We still could get better up front," he said. "Last game we did a better job, which is what you would hope. We have to be able to keep possession of the ball and get first downs.

"This is the last team you want to get a bunch of three-and-outs with. This game is critical as far as getting first downs, keeping possession of the ball, and making every possession truly count."

While Rodriguez wants his team to be confident, it is not going to disguise the belief that Arizona will be going into Autzen as the underdog.

"Every time we go up there, it is always an experience," Biskins said. "They have a great atmosphere up there. It's really loud and really hectic. I was telling the guys yesterday that Oregon is the only original Pac-10 school our senior class has yet to beat.

"We're definitely thinking about that and using it as motivation. We're going up there with a mentality of us against the world."

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