Oregon ready for biggest test of season

Chip Kelly had plenty of positives to say about Arizona on Tuesday. Read on to see what he said about Matt Scott, Arizona's level of competition, and much more.

After starting the season with three straight wins, Oregon Head Coach Chip Kelly has started planning for the undefeated Arizona Wildcats.

Kelly knows that his team has been tested little in the first few games of the season, with the exception of Fresno State, but will face a good Arizona team this weekend.

"We've played some good teams, but Arizona is the best one so far and we need to turn out focus on them at this point," Kelly said.

One reason for the Wildcats' early success is redshirt senior quarterback Matt Scott.

"Matt is one of the best quarterbacks we've played so far," Kelly said of the Wildcats' signal caller. "We've played a two really good quarterbacks, but he is the best so far.

"I think Matt is an outstanding talent. He had to sit out behind Nick Foles, but even when he played a few years ago, when Nick got hurt, he was outstanding. Many people thought he was one sided with just being able to run, but he can do both. He can throw it or tuck it and run to hurt you."

Scott is one of the national leaders in total offensive yards with 395 yards per game and Kelly believes that the numbers don't lie.

"I know that he's put up some great numbers and the teams he did it against weren't bad," Kelley said. "He's in the top five in the country in total offense and I think he is one of the top five, top ten quarterbacks in the country."

Scott's success hasn't been purely his own. He owes a great deal of gratitude to his receivers, who have also climbed the statistical charts.

"The have some good kids at receiver," Kelly said. "Buckner is one of them that I know. It's the same crew as last year, but they have some tall, angular guys. That makes them good targets and they can catch when it's thrown their way."

In addition, Kelly took time to talk about the comparison between the two offenses.

"We all learn from each other and change with the game," Kelly said. "It all had to start somewhere, going back to the first shotgun offense. Then it evolved from there. Now, everybody is running the spread offense. There are even some no back teams running around out there."

As for the differences between the Oregon and Arizona offenses, Kelly claims that there are many.

"We both have good quarterbacks," Kelly mentioned. "Other than that, our play calling is different, including different terminology.

"Arizona uses an H-back as a tight end at times. We have four tight ends that we use and I'm not sure that they really even use one true guy there. They also run more five wide plays than we do and throw the ball more with that."

With Jeff Casteel as the new Defensive Coordinator in Tucson, Chip Kelly will get to see the 3-3-5 defense on Saturday. That doesn't matter much to Kelly, but does limit the amount of film on the Wildcats.

"We only have three games worth of film and there's not much there," Kelly said. "There's no reason to watch film from last season. There isn't any carry over from the defense. It's completely different."

With USC falling to Stanford last weekend, Oregon is now the top dog in the conference once again. Having a tough game this week isn't something that bothers the Ducks, who try to look at every game the same way.

"We don't circle games on the calendar," Kelly said. "We try to look at every game as a big game. We don't say that we have a big game in three weeks, but rather focus on the week at hand.

"If we work on every game, every week at a time, then there's no one to blame but ourselves if we lose."

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