UA offense preparing for hostile environment

Arizona's offense is preparing for the hostile environment at Oregon. Read on to see how Rod Smith is helping his offense, his thoughts on Oregon's defense, and much more.

Co-Offensive Coordinator Rod Smith is in the process of preparing Arizona for its first road game of the season in what will also likely wind up as the most hostile environment.

"We hear it is pretty loud, so we will do the best we can," Smith said. "We have that $500,000 sound system that we paid for, so hopefully that can suffice for it now."

While Oregon's offense is known for the different formations it is run out of, Smith says that the Ducks present a lot of looks on defense as well.

"A bunch," Smith said of the number of looks. "They are good from a personnel standpoint and they are very good from a scheme standpoint. This will definitely be the best defense we have seen by far, it is not even close to what we have seen so far.

"They are big, they are fast, they run well, and they are aggressive. They disguise and do a lot of good things in the back end as well as pressure the quarterback and sometimes they get pressure with four guys. When you can do that, it causes a lot of problems and that is what they have been doing."

Smith says that the different looks do not necessarily change the offense, but do force quarterback Matt Scott to make the correct read.

"It does not change the reads, we have to just make sure Matt's eyes are on the right area and we are reading the right movement key," Smith said. "You have to disciplined with our pre-snap and post-snap reads even more so this week than we have ever been just because they do such a good job of holding their coverage and disguises and moving after the snap. They do a great job and it will be a great test for us."

While much of Arizona's offensive success depends on the run, the Wildcats will not focus on it to the point where it hurts the offense if the run is not working.

"I think it is always important to be able to run the football," Smith said. "We are not going to force the issue. Balance is not 50-50, balance is being able to do both well.

"Depending on how the defense plays you is how you attack it. If that means we only run the ball ten times, we have to be efficient those ten times. If we run it 50 times, we have to make sure we are efficient as well."

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