Staff Predictions: Oregon

Arizona will have its toughest test of the season when it travels to Oregon on Saturday. Read on to see how the staff sees it playing out.

Ashley Nevel: Oregon has won 15 of its last 18 games against Arizona including 8 of 9 at home. The last victory the Wildcats saw at Oregon was in 2006.

I think it's about that time the Arizona Wildcats break that horrendous record.

The Ducks' offense under Chip Kelly is nothing new and Rich Rodriguez has made sure that the Wildcats have done their homework outside of practice to engrave that offensive system in their heads.

Overall, Arizona is determined to get the win on Saturday and with the addition of Rich Rodriguez and the versatility of Matt Scott, I have no doubt that the Wildcats will make that happen.

Arizona 62, Oregon 55

Overall: 2-1

Cody James Martin: Arizona has already done what no one else has expected all season. It has won its first three game, an unprecedented feat for Rich Rodriguez during his first seasons at various stops. The real question is: When does the magic stop?

The answer: This weekend. Arizona will lead in the game and be in position to win, but Oregon and Chip Kelly have proven themselves time and again. De'Anthony Thomas carries the Ducks to victory as the honeymoon period comes to an end in Tucson.

Oregon 42, Arizona 38

Overall: 2-1

Jason Nimrichter: The Wildcats are able to hang close but ultimately the Ducks' offense outlasts the Wildcats. Arizona won't have much problem moving the ball, but Oregon is going to have its way on offense as well.

UA's rush defense was very suspect over the first two games and the Ducks possess the deadliest rushing attack the Wildcats have faced to date and will probably face all season long. DeAnthony Thomas and Kenjon Barner prove to be too much to handle and UO holds off the Cats in a very entertaining affair.

Oregon 52, Arizona 45

Overall: 2-1

Mike Luke: Arizona will have to play a flawless game to beat Oregon. UA needs to score--touchdowns, not fieldgoals- on almost possession.

Defensively, the Wildcats will be hard pressed to stop the fastest offensive team in the country. Look for De'Anthony Thomas, in my opinion the best player in the country, to make enough plays to lead Oregon to victory.

Oregon 57, Arizona 38

Overall: 2-1

Jason Scheer: It would not surprise me if Arizona gave a great effort and it is actually expected at this point. However, I just don't think the Wildcats have the horses to keep up with Oregon.

Even if Arizona keeps the score close early, the Oregon offense is fast and deep enough to wear down Arizona's defense. Arizona needs to score early and keep the game relatively close or else it will get away.

My guess is that is what happens in the fourth quarter, as Arizona just can't keep up with Oregon in the end.

Oregon 52, Arizona 31

Overall: 2-1

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