Arizona's focus turns to Oregon State

Arizona's focus has now turned to Oregon State. Read on for Rich Rodriguez's thoughts on the game, what can improve, and much more.

Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez took some time to answer questions about Oregon on Monday, but wanted to quickly move the focus to Oregon State.

"We have a lot of things to clean up from Saturday night's game, and we've got another team coming in that has been playing really good football," Rodriguez said. "I hope our guys will bounce back and have great practices this week. They weren't the best last week and I was a little disappointed in that. We talked about it and now we just have to get back to work."

Arizona's offense struggled against Oregon despite having success in the previous three games. Still, Rodriguez believes that there is plenty of room for improvement.

"We need to have some more explosive plays offensively, and we need to do better in the running game," he said. "I don't think we're getting a good push up front sometimes. I don't think we're as strong as we need to be, and the guys understand that. Whether it's a lineman, receiver, or running back blocking, we have to do it with great leverage and great technique. That was not the case on Saturday."

Oregon State now comes to Tucson with the Wildcats looking to get back on track and the Beavers have a more than formidable defense.

"They have good secondary players, some of the best in the country, but they are really strong up front," Rodriguez said. "They roll a lot of guys. They have great size and play with great effort. They have been in that system for a while. They do some different things. They have a lot of movement up front. They really understand what coach [Mark] Banker and the defensive staff is trying to do there and do it with great technique and effort.

"Wisconsin hasn't run the ball as well as they have in the past, but they're still pretty big up front. UCLA has been putting points and yards on everybody they've faced, and Oregon State did a great job stopping them. It's a different front and scheme compared to last week, but it still has its own complications and looks that we have to prepare for this week."

The Oregon State defense is not its only strength, however, as the Beavers bring a solid passing game as well.

"He is an experienced guy, a big guy who can make all the throws, and he is tough in the pocket as well," Rodriguez said of OSU quarterback Sean Mannion. "They had a lot of explosive plays last week, and they have some fast guys playing on the perimeter. We have to play them very disciplined. We have tackled well for the most part and that is going to be another key to this game; tackling in the open field and getting guys down.

"This week, we have to identify quickly. We have to know where their strengths are. They do enough to where they can sell play actions if you are peeking in there too soon. Our defensive staff needs to get prepared for that. That is the unique part of playing a strong schedule, week to week you'll see completely new styles. It's not like they are always in a two tight end, two back offense, but it is a drift from what we been seeing from these past weeks."

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