Staff Predictions: Oregon State

Arizona is playing its most important game of the season Saturday night against Oregon State. Read on to see how predicts it will go.

Ashley Nevel: After a blow out 49-0 loss to Oregon last Saturday, there is no way Arizona will lose this Saturday to Oregon State at home.

It was 1997 when the Wildcats saw their last win in Tucson against the Oregon State Beavers and Arizona is ready to break that streak. Yes, the Beavers have a tremendous quarterback, Sean Mannion, but let's not forget about Arizona quarterback Matt Scott.

Arizona's offense, at home, will be the difference maker. The pressure that will be put on the Beavers' defense will allow Scott to have more time to release the ball or run it himself. If Scott can avoid the beating he took last week to Oregon's defense, Arizona will be in position to win.

Arizona 31, Oregon State 27

Overall: 2-2

Jason Nimrichter: The Wildcats have a good opportunity to get back on the right tack at home against the Beavers. At 2-0, OSU has been a bit surprising thus far, but it's still difficult to tell how good it really is.

The Beavers' defense is the strongest unit Arizona has faced to date and should be a big challenge for UA's offense. Oregon State also has a very good passing attack that cannot be ignored, led by quarterback Sean Mannion. I say this game comes down to the quarterbacks and I give Scott the advantage on his home field.

Arizona 24, Oregon State 23

Overall: 3-1

Cody James Martin: There has been discussion about the copper helmets being a distraction, coming a week after Arizona was thoroughly dismantled by the Oregon Ducks, but that likely does not mean much.

The Wildcats face a tough Beaver run defense that can shut down the read option. Arizona will pull out the victory, but it will be a challenge to run the ball against Oregon State.

Arizona 28, Oregon State 27

Overall: 3-1

Mike Luke: This is a huge game for the Wildcats. Oregon State possesses one of the better defenses in the conference, and Arizona has struggled to capitalize in the red zone.

More so than any other game, this should tell us how good the Cats' offense is. Mannion has a lot of talent but has made some mistakes at very inopportune times. Look for the Cats to capitalize.

Arizona 17, Oregon State 10

Overall: 3-1

Jason Scheer: I am extremely torn on this game and I have gone back and forth on it. Oregon State teams tend to start slow and end strong, but that is not the case this season. I am not a big believer in UCLA and Wisconsin is not the same Badger team it has been in the past few years.

Still, the deep ball scares me a bit in this game and considering that it will be close, I am not sure there is any reason to be confident in the special teams. Again, this is more of a guess than anything else, because I could easily see Arizona winning this game.

Oregon State 24, Arizona 21

Overall: 3-1

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