Wildcats lose second straight

Oregon State defeated Arizona 38-35 on Saturday night. Read on to see a complete recap of how it happened.

Arizona gave Oregon State its best shot, but mistakes cost the Wildcats, as they lost 38-35 at home on Saturday night.

Oregon State started on its own 20-yard line and Arizona was able to force the Beavers into a three and out before taking the ball on its own 24-yard line. Unfortunately, Arizona had the same fate as Oregon State and had to punt after three plays as well.

Oregon State took over on its own 27 with two six-yard runs by Storm Woods. After an incomplete pass, Woods gained nine on the ground and then added two more for the first down and possession at the 50. Arizona forced a third down and it looked as if the Beavers converted, but offensive pass interference was called and the Wildcat forced a punt two plays later as they took over on their own 12.

Matt Scott was able to find Richard Morrison for eight yards before Ka'Deem Carey picked up the first down with a two-yard run. Scott then connected with Austin Hill for 13 yards, but the drive stalled and the UA was once again forced to punt.

Oregon State took over on its own 17 with a 21-yard pass from Sean Mannion to Markus Wheaton. After another offensive pass interference call, Mannion found Brandin Cooks for 57 yards to Arizona's 20-yard line. The Wildcats were able to force the Beavers to go for a 32-yard field goal that missed, but a questionable running into the kicker penalty gave Oregon State new life.

Three plays later, Mannion hit Wheaton for a two-yard touchdown, as the extra point made it 7-0 with a little over two minutes left in the first quarter.

Arizona started on its own 25-yard line and was able to get some momentum with a 25-yard run by Carey. Unfortunately, a false start penalty basically ended the drive and Arizona was forced to punt once again, as it pinned Oregon State on its own three-yard line to end the first quarter.

Two plays into the drive, Mannion hit Cooks for 16 yards and found Wheaton for 51 two plays later. After a false start, Woods combined for 17 yards on two consecutive carries but Arizona was able to force a 30-yard field goal that made it 10-0 with 10:59 left.

Arizona got something going from its own 25-yard line with a 20-yard completion to Tyler Slavin and a 47-yard screen pass to Ka'Deem Carey two plays later. Unfortunately, an intentional grounding call forced the Wildcats to go for a 41-yard field goal and John Bonano missed it with a little over nine minutes left in the first half.

Oregon State started its drive with two passes for 10 yards to Wheaton and two plays later, Mannion hit Kevin Cummings for 38 yards to Arizona's 27. Woods then gained 21 on the ground, followed with five, and Tyler Anderson punched it in from the one to make it 17-0 after the extra point.

Arizona started on its own 15 with a nine-yard pass from Scott to Slavin and then a seven-yard gain to Hill. Two plays later, Scott connected with Buckner for 29 yards and then 26 on the next play, as a pass interference call gave Arizona the ball on the OSU four a few plays later.

After a three-yard run, Carey was able to score from one yard out and the extra point made it 17-7 with 3:29 left in the first half.

Two plays into Oregon State's drive, Mannion hit Cooks for 13 yards and then Woods for 25 to Arizona's 37-yard line. Two plays later, a 16-yard pass to Wheaton put OSU on the UA 18 and three plays later, Cummings caught a nine-yard pass to get to Arizona's five. After a false start penalty, Woods lost eight yards on the carry and the Beavers settled for a 35-yard field goal, which was no good the half ended 17-7 in favor of OSU.

Arizona started the second half on its own nine with a 12 yard pass to Hill followed by one for 11 yards to Buckner. Two plays later, Scott found Hill for 21 yards and three plays after that, Scott ran for 21. Two plays later, Buckner caught a six-yard pass and after a pass interference call, Scott found Hill for a three-yard touchdown, as the extra point made it 17-14 with 11:22 left in the third quarter.

Arizona was then able to force a three and out due in large part to a sack by Marquis Flowers, as the Wildcats took over on their own 48-yard line.

It only took three plays to score as the drive started with a six-yard pass to Hill followed by a 22-yard pass to David Richards. The score then came on a 24-yard run by Carey, as the extra point made it 21=17 with 8:48 left in the third quarter.

Arizona kept its momentum going by forcing another three and out after the defense was able to force Wheaton into a loss of five yards on a fly sweep. Arizona took over on its own 23-yard line with a 23-yard run by Carey. Unfortunately for Arizona, Richard Morrison bobbled a ball that led to an interception.

Oregon State decided to go to the ground, as Woods gained 8, 15, 11, and three yards before Cooks caught a five-yard pass to Arizona's one-yard line. On the next play, Woods basically walked it in and the extra point made it 24-21 Oregon State with 4:25 left in the third.

Oregon State forced a three and out before taking over on its own five-yard line. Two plays into the drive, Mannion found Cooks for 17 yards, but Woods fumbled two plays later to give Arizona the ball at the OSU 40-yard line.

After an incomplete pass, Scott hit Morrison for a 21-yard pass to the 19-yard line. Carey then gained three on the ground and Scott proceeded to find Buckner on a 16-yard touchdown on the next play, as the extra point made it 28-24 at the end of the third quarter.

Oregon State started on its own 25-yard line looking for an answer with a 15-yard pass to Wheaton. After a sack by Sir Thomas Jackson, Mannion found Cooks for 11 yards, but the Beavers were forced to punt with a little over 13 minutes left in the fourth quarter.

Arizona looked like it had something going early in the drive when Scott hit Slavin on a 32-yard pass and then ran for 11. However, Arizona could not build off that and a sack on third down forced a punt, giving the Beavers the ball on their own 14-yard line.

Cooks caught a 14-yard pass on the second play of the drive and got 15 more yards on a late hit by Jourdon Grandon. After a 12-yard pass to Cooks, Grandon then got called for a facemask and Woods gained two on the ground before adding seven more and getting Oregon State to the Arizona 21. On the next play, Mannion found Wheaton for the 20-yard touchdown as the extra point made it 31-28 with 8:35 left in the fourth.

Three plays into Arizona's ensuing drive, Buckner caught a 31-yard pass. Carey then ran twice for a combined 12 yards and two plays later, offensive lineman Addison Bachman caught a tipped ball for ten yards. Scott was able to gain nine yards on the ground on the next play and three plays later, OSU was called for defensive holding. On the next play, Scott found Hill for seven yards and the touchdown, as an extra point made it 35-31 with 5:34 left in the fourth.

Oregon State took over on its own 33-yard line with an eight-yard pass to Woods followed by a five-yard pass to Cooks and seven more yards from Woods. Two plays later, Mannion found Wheaton for 28 yards to the Arizona 27-yard line. Woods then followed by gaining a combined 17 yards on two carries and a few plays later, Mannion found Connor Hamlett for the nine-yard touchdown, as the extra point gave OSU the 38-35 lead.

Arizona had a chance with a drive that started with 1:09 left, but after a 17-yard pass from Scott to Carey, Scott threw an interception that sealed the game.

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