Offensive line still progressing

Arizona's offensive line has had mixed results so far. Read on to see Rich Rodriguez and lineman Fabbians Ebbele talk about its play, depth, and much more.

Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez has had mixed reviews about the offensive line this season. While it has had strong games like it did against Oklahoma State, there have also been disappointing performances, such as the loss to Oregon.

Even though the Wildcats lost on Saturday, there was success in the red zone. However, Rodriguez is still not happy with the progress that the offensive line has made so far this season.

"We executed better; we finished off drives," he said. "We still have concerns in the kicking game, but John Bonano can kick, he showed me he can kick, so no reservations there. We're still not running the football as well as I would like.

"We're not as physical and getting much movement up front as we would like. But, we executed there which you have to do. We have to take advantage of all of our opportunities. We can't help them out by our own mistakes."

Offensive lineman Fabbians Ebbele says that the execution on Saturday was a matter of knowing it had to be better.

"I think we just executed better this week in the red zone compared to our previous week," he said. "I think we were homesick for the end zone and just had to get back to it and score again.

"We want to score every time we get down (to the red zone), so the margin of error is real slim, no room for mistakes."

Arizona has seen Kyle Quinn, Lene Maiava, Trace Biskin, and others go down at some point this season. Considering the effect that has had on the team at times, Ebbele is happy with the line's play overall.

"We have a lot of players that can step in and play, so we have been mixing and matching," Ebbele said. "There are no guaranteed spots. Everybody shows that they can play each week, and the best players get to play.

"Our strengths are that we have a lot of players who can play, want to play, and step in when the time calls for them."

Proof of that belief is the fact that Addison Bachman was able to step in for an injured Quinn against Oregon State and there did not appear to be any drop off in the success of the offense.

"He played really well," Ebbele said of Bachman. "It was expected of him. He stepped in and played a key role. His role is the heartbeat of the line at the center position.

"Kyle is a major part at what we do. I'm glad Bachman stepped in and played well. We didn't have any confusion with calls and we were okay."

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