Alsadek keeping track of Wildcat

Arizona commit Jacob Alsadek has been watching his future school closely. Read on for his thoughts on the season, his future, and much.

While some verbal commitments are just placeholders until better offers come along, some commitments are perfect matches from the very beginning.

Jacob Alsadek committed to the Arizona Wildcats back in July and hasn't looked back once. He has watched every Arizona game this season and has even talked to the coaches about the ups and downs. It is still early in the year, but Alsadek already has a feel for his future team.

"It's only Rich Rodriguez's first year there, so I understand that he does not have all the right pieces yet," Alsadek said. "Once they get a bunch of their spots filled, I think that they will be just fine.

"Every time that they've lost, it has been their fault. They've never really been outplayed, but they just shoot themselves in the foot."

Alsadek hasn't scheduled an official visit yet, but will take an unofficial to Tucson on October 20th when Arizona plays Washington.

"I'm really excited to get down there in a few weeks," Alsadek said. "When I went down there before, I didn't get a chance to meet Coach Anae, so this time I'll be able to talk to him. I'm pretty excited and I know that it will be really fun.

"I can't wait to get out to college because I know that it's going to be fun there. Whenever I watch the games and I see Coach Rod, it makes me feel happy to know that that's where I'm going to be next year. I can't wait to get there and play for them and help the team compete for the next few years."

The offensive lineman has been playing well for his high school team, despite some recent team woes. He has only allowed a single sack all season and will look to keep the numbers that way when his future teammate's high school comes knocking this Friday.

"We're 3-2 right now and we just came off a really tough loss last week," Alsadek said. "We lost 2-0 on a safety and we basically just shot ourselves in the foot. When we play well, we're unstoppable. We beat the number-two team in California, but we just have games that we make too many mistakes.

"We are playing against Derek Babiash's team this week. They come to our field this year and I'm really excited to play him. He's really good and with him leading that defense and me being on offense, it's going to be great playing against each other. It should be a really good game."

Recently, Alsadek has been working on perfecting some blocking techniques that should help him at the next level. He has enlisted some help from a former NFL player to work with him on his hands.

"Right now, I'm working on my hands," he said "Sometimes, I tend to have my hands come late or early and I'm trying to get the timing perfect. I don't come home until nine or ten at night sometimes because I'm watching film or working on techniques.

"I've been working with Stan Thomas. We watch film two or three times a week and he has been helping me with some advanced stuff. He's teaching me things that they teach at the NFL level and I've seen a big difference between this season and last season so far."

Since his commitment, Alsadek says that he has actually been working more.

"I'm working harder than I was before I committed," he said. "I know that I want to come in and make the most out of my time there. It's one of the reasons that I committed, to get better and see the field as much as possible to help the team.

"I want to get as much experience under my belt as possible so that I can help the team and be a part of that next draft class, which is my ultimate goal."

The high school senior has been following along with Arizona's games so far this season and keeps in contact with the coaches on a weekly basis, working to continue building relationships with the staff before he gets to campus.

"I talked to Coach Smith once a week and I talk to Coach Dudek as much as I can," Alsadek said. "I want to continue to build that relationship with them.

"I'm going to go to school there and there is no doubt in my mind that I will be going to Arizona, so I want to be able to get to know everyone. I don't want to have any awkward phases. I just want everything to be fun when I go down there for my visits."

Even with all the work that Alsadek has put in so far, he feels that there is more work to be done and an extra year might be the best thing. After thinking it over, he decided that redshirting his first year would be the right decision.

"I think that I would like to redshirt when I get to campus," Alsadek said. "It's a rough decision, being an offensive lineman. If you come in and you're not strong enough or fast enough, it's going to be difficult. If they need me to play right away, I definitely will, but redshirting will really help me.

"Getting the extra year under my belt with practice squad and learning new things will make me a better player overall. Hopefully, after that I can win the starting spot and keep helping the team improve."

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