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Las Vegas, Nev. - Robert Rothbart, a 7-1 center from Cupertino (Monta Vista), Calif., did not make the Las Vegas Big Time Tournament. He stayed to help his mother move and I caught up with him at his new home in Sacramento.<BR> The Wildcats are the latest to get involved with the big man.

Cat Tracks: Why aren't you attending the Las Vegas Big Time?

Rothbart: I decided not to go at the last minute. My mother needed me to help her move and I've been playing basketball all summer, so I needed the rest.

Cat Tracks: What did you learn about your game at the Nike Camp?

Rothbart: This was my second year at Nike and those are the kinds of camps that tell you where your game is. You might think that you're good until you play against the best players in the country. Then you know you need to work on your game.

Cat Tracks: What are you strengths and weaknesses?

Rothbart: I'm 7-1 and I can take stronger guys out away from the basket and use my quickness to score. I can shoot the ball out to three-point range. And I can take the smaller players inside and post up. But I need to get stronger. I've been working on the weights, but I need to put on some weight and some muscle. I need to keep working.

Cat Tracks: What schools are showing you the most interest?

Rothbart: Indiana, Stanford, Cal and Missouri and now Arizona. I definitely want to make a visit to Arizona.

Cat Tracks: Three of the schools are from the Pac-10 Conference. Would you like to stay closer to home?

Rothbart: I just want to be comfortable where I go. I want to play for a good coach and play for a team that plays my style of game. If that's close to home it would be nice, but it's not important to be close to home.

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