Miller has high expectations

Sean Miller met with media on Wednesday to discuss the high expectations he has for Arizona, freshmen class, how comfortable he is with the roster, and much more. Read on for all the latest.

Arizona head coach Sean Miller met with the media on Wednesday as the basketball squad held its annual Media Day.

For Miller, it was an opportunity to reflect on what he has seen from the Wildcats so far as well as look at the expectations for this upcoming season.

"I think for the first time since our staff has been here that time is on our side and that we have truly had the opportunity to get both feet on the ground in a comprehensive way," Miller said. "Things that are invisible sometimes to the outside world, the infrastructure of just what we do, that we are more I believe built for the long term, built for success.

"We have had the opportunity to really recruit young people for the first time, get to know them and a lot of them to get to know us and I think any time that you have more time in the recruiting world you make better decisions and hopefully it will be more productive moving forward."

Miller says that while he does not necessarily feel pressure to succeed, he does admit that the expectations for Arizona are high.

"I think expectations are always high at Arizona and rightfully so because of our great tradition," Miller said. "Only I truly know where we were when we got here though. It is a process. Things take time and a year ago when I sat here coming off an Elite Eight, 30 wins, a Pac-10 regular season championship, those are really special things. If that happens one time in a decade at many places or for a particular group, it is like ‘wow'.

"I think because that happened so early here, it is almost assumed that is how it is going to be from that point on. We really had in our mind some things that we needed to work out. We needed to be better across the board in a lot of areas, but I believe that with the talent level we have on this year's team, some of the experience that we combined with it, that we are positioned to be good and do great things."

If you were to compare last year's team to this year's, you would see an obvious difference due to the fact that Arizona will be able to use depth and size in the front court. For Miller, a big difference is also the fact that he is already comfortable with what he knows about them.

"The one thing I will say about the freshmen is that I know them a lot better for a couple of reasons," Miller said. "First of all, we recruited them for a lot longer period of time. Secondly we went on a foreign trip this year to the Bahamas and because of that we were together for a lot more.

"I don't know if I have been around a freshmen group, forget how they are going to do on the court, that has handled themselves better on a daily basis than the four guys we have now. We are counting on them to contribute. It makes it a lot easier when you watch them work hard every day over a long period of time. Wherever they begin in November, as long as they continue to stay with who they have been to this point, they are going to improve." The goal throughout the season is to improve with each game and Miller believes that Arizon already has a high starting point.

"I think every coach points to improvement and we have a number of things that have improved," he said. "Our record right now is 0-0, so these words don't mean anything. Based on how hard our team is working, the things that I know as fact, I do think you have a good starting point and hopefully with health and continued hard work, we can have a very good season."

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