Rodgers and others continue to shine

Finding an Arizona recruit became a bit difficult Tuesday at the Best of Summer Tourney in Los Angeles. With a number of the top players already skipping the tournament, a few more who were expected to play were absent.

Antoine Wright's Inland team left the event after failing to advance to the championship bracket. According to a tournament official the Inland coach forfeited their remaining games rather than compete in the consolation bracket. On Monday night the team sat a number of their better players, including Wright, in a 48-44 loss to the Texas Tornadoes in the game to decide third place in the their pool. Wright suited up, but only coached the team in place of the regular coaching staff who sat and watched.

Another Wildcat recruit, Hassan Adams, was scheduled to appear but wound up not competing. The story around the tournament was that his high school coach requested that he not compete and rest instead.

The Pump N Run squad continued to dominate. Compared to the last two days, their contest against the X-Press was a nailbiter. After two 70+ point wins, Pump N Run "only" won by 41, cruising to an 80-39 win against the overmatched team from Colorado.

I arrived a bit late for the game, but Wildcat recruit Richard Chaney continued to play solid, if unspectacular ball. He scored 13 points on efficient 6-of-7 shooting. He also added eight rebounds and a decisive block that looked more like a volleyball spike.

Quick rising junior bigman David Padgett is making a name for himself. The 6-11 post player from Reno may very well become a target for the Cats net year. Padgett scored only seven points but knocked down a three and swatted five X-Press shots.

Another Pump N Run player turning heads is power forward Brad Buckman. The 6-8 Buckman is choosing from among the big boys, not bad considering he only began playing the sport in ninth grade. Right now it seems as if Texas, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa and Kansas are all in the hunt.

His mother said that there is no leader now and that most likely he will take all five of his visits.

"Brad makes decisions on ‘feel'," his mother said. He needs to see the school, meet the players and talk at length with the coaches."

The Arizona Double Pump squad made some waves in the consolation bracket. Behind the play of Bryson Krueger the Double Pump beat the IKE Cadets 70-45. Krueger pumped in 22 points, four rebounds, three blocks and three steals.

Tucsonan Sean Moore, a point guard from Amphi, played the best game of any I have seen from him. In the previous five or six games Moore was a shoot first, shoot second, pass third point guard. In Tuesday's win he played smart and under control. Moore dictated the pace, shredding the Cadet's 2-3 zone. In the past I've seen him jack it up over 20 times. Tuesday he was 2-5 from the floor and 5-6 from the line for 10 points. Most impressive was his ability to coral numerous loose balls and turn them up court to start the offense.

The Double Pump squad lost their second game of the day to one of the LA Rockfish clubs. I missed the contest because I was watching Chris Rodgers and his ICP club. Rodgers continues to shine, utilizing an all around game. Rodgers spent most of the game not looking to score, but instead distributing the ball. His supporting cast is so strong that he doesn't need to take over the game and rarely takes bad shots. If there is any knock on Rodgers is that at times he is too tentative. He also has trouble finishing at times, but this is not too worrisome as he is creating good looks and the misses barely rim out. He's not putting up bricks out there.

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