Hill staying humble

Austin Hill has emerged as one of the best receivers in the country. Read on to see how he is handling it, his thoughts on USC, and much more.

Austin Hill is consistently one of the last players to come off the field as he puts in extra work.

Last Saturday, Hill had two touchdowns in Arizona's first Pac-12 win this season over Washington. Before one of his touchdowns, he stiff-armed a Husky defender to the ground upon reaching the end zone.

"I just really wanted score," Hill said. "I didn't plan on stiff-arming him. It was kind of just a reaction. I saw the end zone and it just kind of happened."

Although Hill is plenty skilled himself, he says that he owes a lot of credit to quarterback Matt Scott.

"Physically he's taken a couple big hits and he's gotten stronger because of that," Hill said. "He stays in the pocket and he delivers great balls. Mentally, his confidence is building every single week.

"He knows what he can do and he goes out there and shows it. As a receiver we love when quarterbacks do that. When quarterbacks are confident, they throw us good balls and it is our job to go out and catch them."

Arizona plays No. 10 ranked USC this weekend, but Hill says there is no additional pressure on him going into this game.

"I don't feel like I'm pressured at all, which is good because I like to go out there loose and play my game no matter who's out there on the field," Hill said.

In preparation for USC, the Wildcats have been staying focused and working on the fundamentals to run their plays right.

"Really at the end of the day if we run our offense the way we want to run it, no one can stop us," Hill said.

Hill has acquired physical attributes similar to his father, David Hill, a former NFL player. The two talk everyday and Hill sees his dad as a mentor.

"He just really kept me level headed and he never let me get too cocky," Hill said. "He's taught me almost everything I know fundamental wise. He calls me every single day to see how practices are going.

"He even critiques the games every week and tells me what I should have done on certain routes, so it's great having a dad like that."

After reviewing some film on USC, Austin Hill has his eye on receivers Robert Woods and Marqise Lee. "They're great athletes, you know, I respect them because they're receivers and they're going through the same thing I'm going through," Hill said. "I respect them a lot and I think they're great athletes."

Aside from practice and watching film, Hill likes to take a break from football and not think about it too much. "I try to relax and I think that's a big part of the game," Hill said. "Being able to relax, go out there, have fun. and in order to have fun you can't really think about it too much or stress about it too much."

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