Staff Predictions: USC

Arizona is set to face USC and the staff is torn. Read on for a closer look at how it sees the game playing out.

Ashley Nevel: Although Arizona finally reached a milestone of defeating a Pac-12 team last Saturday, the Wildcats have failed to beat any ranked teams within their conference.

This weekend USC will become the fourth Pac-12 team to beat Arizona.

Arizona's 3-3-5 defense may be something new to USC, but it is something it can handle without question. With the superb athleticism in USC receivers Robert Woods and Marqise Lee along with quarterback Matt Barkley, one of the best in the nation, there is just no way Arizona can match up to that talent.

Matt Scott and his offense have established a phenomenal running and passing game, however, it will not be enough to defeat USC.

USC 41, Arizona 27

Overall: 4-3

Mike Luke: On paper this game looks like a mismatch, but upon further review it isn't. USC has playmakers all over their offense and an underrated defense to boot, but there is something missing.

USC has struggled in many games against teams that shouldn't pose any problems for the Trojans. Look for Arizona to exploit some of USC's weaknesses.

Besides a lack of big guys in the trenches, Kiffin's in-game coaching leaves much to be desired and I expect Rich Rodriguez to take advantage.

Arizona 41, USC 35

Overall: 3-4

Jason Nimrichter: The Wildcats' offense will outlast USC's and win this high-scoring affair. This is a trap game for the Trojans, who play Oregon the following week. The Wildcats offense will be able to move the ball against USC's defense.

The Trojans' defensive unit is ranked near the top of the conference, but they have yet to face a fast-paced, high-powered attack like Arizona.

USC has looked very shaky against respectable teams this year and I think UA presents a very bad match up. The Wildcats get the home crowd boost and beat the Trojans at Arizona Stadium for the first time since 1999.

Arizona 48, USC 45

Overall: 5-2

Cody James Martin: I have had a decent idea about the outcomes of most of the games this season so far, but this is a game where so many different things can happen that it's almost unpredictable.

That being said, I think that Arizona's offense will finally show the complete capability with a healthy Matt Scott. It's going to be a shoot-out until the very end, with both teams trading scores late in a nail bitter. Scott leads the team to victory and the Curse of Colorado lives on.

Arizona 42, USC 39

Overall: 5-2

Jason Scheer: If I was more comfortable about Arizona's depth, I would be more inclined to pick Arizona. However, this game will be a lot like Stanford with the big difference being that USC has a much better quarterback.

I am just not sure Arizona can stop USC at all and although USC's defense is not fantastic, it is good enough to make a few stops.

The guess is that USC tries to take away the run and make Arizona one-dimensional. Arizona's offensive line is going to have to step up in a big way and the defense is going to have to make crucial stops. I am just skeptical that Arizona can have high success at both.

USC 45, Arizona 27

Overall: 5-2

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