Coleman enjoys visit to the desert

Tiquention Coleman was just one of the visitors at Arizona for the USC game. Read on for his thoughts on the visit, a potential offer, and much more.

With Arizona's recent success, more and more high school players are starting to pay attention to the up and coming team.

While Tiquention Coleman didn't just begin to like the Wildcats, he is one of the newer recruits for Rich Rodriguez and his staff.

Coleman is a safety at Georgia Military Academy and is currently on the lookout for his next school.

He recently visited Tucson, Arizona for a noon matchup between the Wildcats and the USC Trojans and came away impressed with the school.

"I loved it down there," Coleman said. "It was a really good experience, especially since they beat USC. That's a big upset against one of the top teams out West. I enjoyed it a lot and they gave me a lot of love. I definitely felt welcomed there."

The safety visited with a few of his teammates including Arizona commits Mario Alford and Brandon Golson.

"Having my teammates with me was definitely a big plus," he said. "It would be pretty cool to go to the same school as those guys."

On the visit, the recruits didn't do anything out of the ordinary, but got to take in the feel of the campus during a game day.

"We just walked around a little bit and took the tour of the school," Coleman said. "We checked everything out and met everybody. Before and after the game, we ate some pretty good food and talked with some of the players. It was everything you're supposed to do on visits."

During the game, Coleman was impressed with the fan turnout and the atmosphere of the stadium.

"It was loud," he said. "The atmosphere is what did it for me. You have USC, a top ten team, coming in and the place is rocking. That was one of the biggest things for me, the fan support. The loudness of the crowd and them being in the game the whole time was great."

One of the things that stood out to Coleman was the Arizona coaching staff. Specifically, the safety was most impressed with the Wildcats' head coach.

"I think Coach Rich Rod stood out the most," Coleman said. "I knew he coached at West Virginia and Michigan, but I didn't know too much else. When I met him in person and talked to him and saw how he treats his players, he is someone that I would love to play for. He really stood out to me as the head coach."

So far, Coleman only has official offers from UNC-Charlotte and Georgia Southern, but hopes for more offers, including a written offer from Wisconsin.

"Wisconsin offered me over the phone, so it's just a verbal offer right now," Coleman said. "They are sending a coach to come watch my practice in person this week. I'll also be going to visit their school on the 17th when they play Ohio State."

The safety likes Arizona, but where would an offer from the Wildcats stand with him?

"I can't really say exactly where it would stand because it hasn't happened," Coleman said. "I know that they would definitely be at the top of my list with Wisconsin."

So far in his career, he has been known as a big hitter. Coleman plays hard and hits even harder, but that isn't what he wants his overall game to represent.

"Hitting is part of my game, but it's not my whole game," he said. "I like coming up and making hits early in the game to make a statement. A few hits lets them know that you are there and will be there the whole game.

"I also like to create turnovers. I like to strip the ball and try to do anything to get the ball back to the offense. Most people say that they love my hitting, but at the same time, I know I'm only 5-10, 195 pounds and hitting hard takes a toll. I just try to do what I can and I'll hit someone when it's there.

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