Wildcats preparing for Humboldt State

Sean Miller is preparing Arizona for its first exhibition. Read on for his thoughts on starters, Arizona's ranking, and much more.

Arizona is getting ready for its first exhibition game on Wednesday night as it will host Humboldt State. For Arizona head coach Sean Miller, last year's exhibition loss to Seattle Pacific is something that has been brought up to Arizona in the days leading up to the game.

"I think anyone who was a part of last year's team, although that game was a great learning experience, it was kind of a dark day of reality of this is where our basketball team is, meaning a year ago," Miller said. "As the aftermath of that, we took a look at that game and we really tried to improve, and we did, but we had a very low starting point and there were a lot of reasons behind it.

"I do think our starting point this year is higher, but we've talked a lot about being ready for every game we play, including our first game, which is Humboldt State."

The Wildcats have had over a week since the Red and Blue game and Miller says that it was by design in order to focus on the first game.

"We wanted to have more of an opportunity to leave Red and Blue behind us," he said. "We wanted more time after the Red/Blue game so that we can continue to improve and do what every college basketball team is doing at this time of year and that is trying to find itself, work on its weaknesses, and making sure we understand who we are before that first game comes."

While Arizona will be trying to come out with a win, Miller will also be looking at specific aspects of the game.

"One of the things that I am really curious to see from an attitude and team chemistry perspective, role definition, is how well players accept the roles they have earned," he said. "Not been given, but the role they have earned through their performance that started a long time ago.

"I think it is the first time we have an opportunity to see our team chemistry and the roles right there in front of us and see how players handle that."

As far as starters go, Miller has yet to decide. However, he warns that the players that make up the starting lineup on Wednesday may not be the same the following game.

"We might be in a situation where we start multiple lineups throughout the year just because there is a number of guys that are close together and depending on who is playing well, practicing well, or maybe a matchup, it could favor why and who we start," Miller said. "Whoever walks out against Humboldt State has earned the right to start through their performance."

Arizona will enter its first exhibition as a squad that is right outside the top ten and Miller says that while it does not add pressure, it is still an indicator of what people think about the program.

"I would rather people feel good about what we are doing and give us credit at this time of year than the opposite, but clearly it is up to us to earn it through our performance," he said.

"It is so important that our team stays nose to the grindstone where we are working every day to improve and that we are hungry to get better."

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