2014 athlete looking at Arizona

St. Bonaventure (Calif.) junior wide receiver Davonte Nunnery recently visited Arizona. Read on for his thoughts on the visit, where his recruitment stands, and more.

Ventura (Calif.) St. Bonaventure junior wide receiver Davonte Nunnery was in the stands for Arizona's victory over USC and the 6-foot-0, 200-pound pass catcher came away impressed.

"That was a great game," Nunnery said. "The campus and city were really nice and you can't beat the weather right now. Arizona was impressive. When you think of all the high-profile players USC has, it was quite a statement for Arizona to win despite it being Coach Rodriguez' first year in the program."

Nunnery says he was most impressed by how Arizona used its receivers.

"I think the most impressive thing I noticed was how Arizona puts their receivers in positions to make plays," he said. "Watching the game, it was crazy seeing so many wide receivers running free. There were times when Scott had his choice of receivers to throw to."

Nunnery made the trip with two highly–regarded high school teammates and he said Arizona made an impression on all of them.

"We're pretty close," Nunnery said. "Zach Green and Bryce Dixon both liked what they saw. We're looking for a place with a wide open offense and Arizona certainly has that."

Nunnery isn't sure when Dixon will make his college selection, but he has a rough idea when he would like to decide.

"I wouldn't mind deciding before my senior year," Nunnery said. "But if it doesn't feel right, I have no problem waiting to make a decision."

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