Offense dominates in Arizona win

Ka'Deem Carey broke numerous records to lead Arizona to a 56-31 win over Colorado on Saturday. Read on for a complete recap of the victory.

Most of the focus going into Saturday's game between Arizona and Colorado was on how B.J. Denker would do in his first career start.

Ka'Deem Carey made it as easy as he possibly could.

Carey ran for 366 yards and five touchdowns on only 25 carries en route to leading the Wildcats to a 56-31 win at Arizona Stadium.

Carey's total now stands as the Arizona and Pac-12 record and fell 40 yards short of the Division I-A national record as well.

Colorado started on its own 28-yard line with two runs by Christian Powell that combined for four yards. Two plays later, it appeared that Donta Abron scored on a screen pass off a blitz, but a holding call brought it back and the Wildcats eventually forced a punt. Arizona took over on its own seven-yard line and the handoff from B.J. Denker to Ka'Deem Carey resulted in a fumble, as Powell scored from seven yards out on the next play to give the Buffs the 7-0 lead with the extra point.

Needing an answer, Arizona started on its own 20-yard line with a five-yard run from Ka'Deem Carey. Denker then found David Richards for 11 yards and two plays later, hit him again for 19 yards. Two plays after that, Austin Hill caught a 12-yard pass than Carey followed up with 13 on the ground. Denker then kept it himself for ten yards and, on the next play, Carey ran it in from ten yards out as the extra point tied the game at seven.

The Buffs started on their own 30-yard line with a two-yard run by Abron followed by a seven-yard pass to Nelson Spruce. The Wildcats were able to force a third down, but Nick Hirschman found Spruce for 14 yards and the first down to Arizona's 41. Tony Jones then picked up six yards on the ground and Vincent Hobbs caught a 14-yard pass on the next play.

Abron proceeded to get runs of four, eight, and seven before Colorado was forced into a fourth and goal from the one. CU chose to go for the 18-yard field goal to make the score 10-7 in favor of the Buffs.

On its ensuing drive, Arizona started on its own 36-yard line. After an incomplete pass, Denker found Carey for 26 yards and he ran it for two more to end the first quarter. Two plays into the second quarter, Carey caught a six-yard pass and Denker then found Hill for 10 yards and 7 more. On the next play, Carey ran it in from 13 yards out, as the extra point made it 14-10 with 13:31 left in the second quarter.

Colorado started on its own 25-yard line with a 16-yard pass to Tyler McCulloch and two plays later, Powell gained eight on the ground. Two plays after that, Hirschman found Dustin Ebner for a 12-yard pass, but threw an awful interception to Tra'Mayne Bondurant to give the Wildcats possession.

On the first play from the Colorado 49-yard line, Garic Wharton ran an end around for 19 yards before Carey scored from 30 yards out and the extra point made it 21-10 with 10:30 left in the first half.

CU started on its own 25-yard line with a five-yard run by Powell followed by a six-yard pass to Kyle Slavin. Powell then gained 12 combined yards on two carries and two plays later, Abron gained 21 yards on the ground. Arizona was able to force a third and 20, but Hirschman found McCulloch for 25 yards and the first down. A few plays later, Arizona was called for pass interference in the endzone and Powell took advantage with a one-yard touchdown run, as the extra point made it 21-17 with 2:44 left in the first half.

Wanting to answer, Arizona started on its own 21 with a 26-yard run by Carey. Two plays after an eight-yard pass to Dan Buckner, Carey ran it for 21 yards. Two plays later, Denker found Buckner after a pump-fake and the extra point made it 28-17 in favor of the Wildcats to end the half.

Arizona started the half on its own 27-yard line and it took two plays for Carey to break out for a 46-yard run. Two plays later, he gained 14 on the ground and two plays after that, Denker found Buckner for a nine-yard touchdown, as the extra point made it 35-17 with 13:04 left in the third quarter.

CU badly needed some kind of answer, but faltered on its next drive. The Buffs were called for a delay of game on third and about a foot, then proceeded to call timeout and Reggie Gilbert came up with the sack on third down to force a punt.

The Wildcats took over on the Colorado 49-yard line with a five-yard run by Carey that he followed up with a 14-yard gain. After an incomplete pass, Denker found David Richards for nine yards and gave it to Carey for a combined 13 yards on two carries. On the next play, Carey scored from eight yards out to tie the school record with four touchdowns in a game, as the extra point made it 42-17.

CU proceeded to start on its own 31-yard line with an 11-yard run by Powell. Three plays later, Spruce gained 12 in the air, but the drive then stalled and Arizona forced the punt. On the first play of the drive, Carey ran for 71 yards to break the school record for rushing yards in a game and Denker followed by running it in from ten yards out, as the extra point made it 49-17 with 1:30 left in the third.

Before the quarter ended, Abron was able to come up with 23 yards on the ground to get to Arizona's 38-yard line. Powell then gained more on the ground before Abron was able to score from ten yards out, as the extra point made it 49-24 with 13:15 left in the fourth quarter.

Colorado proceeded to force a three and out and took over on its own 25-yard line. After a four-yard run by Powell, Connor Wood found Scott Fernandez for his first career reception, a 71-yard touchdown, with the extra point making it 49-31 with 10:22 left.

Arizona did not take long to answer, as Denker kept it himself three times for a first down before Carey gained 64 of his own on the ground. On the next play, he ran it in from three yards out with the extra point giving the Wildcats the 56-31 lead with 8:01 left and basically end the game.

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