Arizona's frontcourt continues to progress

Arizona's frontcourt entered the season with plenty of hype. It continues to be a major part of this year's team and will continue to progress. Read on to see what Sean Miller says about the freshmen frontcourt players, different roles, and more.

There was plenty of hype surrounding Arizona's frontcourt going into the season opener and while it was deserved, there were some struggles in the first game.

Arizona is still working to see which different combinations fit the best together and one of the biggest benefits to the frontcourt is that Arizona is able to go with numerous players that also bring different skillsets.

"They are very different and I think that is really a good thing for us," Sean Miller said. "Part of what you want with depth is you want different elements and qualities added to your team when one player is out and the other is in. It strengthens you and really it allows us to be very flexible playing against different styles."

One of the bigger differences is between Angelo Chol and Kaleb Tarczewski, who seems to be at different points in their maturation as basketball players.

"Angelo is blessed with incredible quickness and great determination," Miller said. "What he does on defense with his ability to cover and block shots, you really can't teach it. It's a quality I think will serve him well beyond his time at Arizona.

"With Kaleb, his size, especially on offense, is a huge advantage. He can get to the foul line and that is one thing as a group we are trying to do better. That is put him in a position, get him the ball in and around the basket where he can score, and put fouls on the other team.

"Angelo is continuing to develop. He is a much better player this year than he was at any time a year ago. I believe that as the season progresses, he will be more and more comfortable playing two positions instead of one."

In addition, Brandon Ashley was one of the most impressive Wildcats in the season opener against Charleston Southern. Miller believes that Ashley has really come one as of late and is continuing to improve.

"Brandon has had his best really seven to ten day period recently," Miller said. "He is learning how to practice. He has a great mind, is really smart, and the game comes easy to him in many ways. One of the things we are constantly talking to Brandon about is keeping that bar high for himself in a competitive nature. His effort level and concentration and ability to go hard all the time is continuing to improve."

The depth for Arizona certainly does not end there, as Grant Jerrett may be the most versatile of the bunch. Jerrett struggled a bit this past weekend, but his versatility is something that will continue to helps the Wildcats.

"The way I would describe Grant is when you are skilled as he is as a front court player, a lot of times you don't like to go close to the basket or as you developed all those skills away from the basket, you are reluctant, you're soft, you don't necessarily like to mix it up," Miller said. "Conversely, we all know the front court guys that are big, physical, like to be at home or close to the basket, but the further away they from the goal that they go, offense, defense, they just aren't accustomed to it.

"Very seldom do you have somebody that combines both elements and that is really what Grant does. As he has gotten stronger, some things have come easier for him."

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