Staff Predictions: Utah

Most of the staff agrees which team is going to win on Saturday. Read on to see each individual pick.

Cody James Martin: With Matt Scott returning to the field to command the Arizona offense, I have to see Arizona winning this game. It will be the game that helps turn the corner for the program, similar to the USC game. It is a game Arizona shouldn't win, but finds a way to do it.

Saturday's game should be close, and by close I mean down to the last second. Utah goes down swinging, but the Wildcats manage to score just enough to get the first road victory of the year.

Arizona 38, Utah 35

Overall: 7-3

Ashley Nevel: Arizona still has yet to win a road game this season, but this Saturday's game at Utah will be the time to water that drought.

While running back John White receives all the praise and attention for this upcoming matchup, somewhere Ka'Deem Carey, who set the Pac-12 record for rushing yards against Colorado last week, is smiling to himself knowing that he and the rest of the Wildcats offense will flourish to victory.

To say this game will be easy for the Wildcats is a lie. However, if the performance of the offense is equivalent to its high-caliber execution displayed the majority of the season, then Arizona should be in great shape.

Arizona 30, Utah 24

Overall: 5-5

Jason Nimrichter: The more I look at this match-up ,the more I like Arizona, with or without Matt Scott. Utah's defense is ranked among the better units in the conference, but when you take a look at their individual efforts, you will notice they struggle much more against offenses like UA's. Ka'Deem Carey will come nowhere near his record setting performance from last weekend, but he will still have a big day and open up the field for the rest of the offense to thrive. Arizona's defense plays a step above where it played against Colorado and UA pulls off its first road victory of the season.

Arizona 38, Utah 28

Overall: 7-3

Michael Luke: If the Utes had any kind of passing game, the Wildcats would encounter major problems because John White IV figures to have a huge game on the ground. However, the lack of a passing game will help Arizona's defense make enough stops to succeed. Arizona will put up a ton of points and the Utes will struggle to keep up.

Arizona 38, Utah 24

Overall: 5-5

Jason Scheer: I think Arizona is the better team due in large part to the fact that it holds the best overall unit that this game will see, which is its offense. However, Arizona struggled with the run against Colorado and will face a similar, better back in John White. It will be interesting to see if Arizona gives Matt Scott free reign to do what he wants on offense in terms of being able to run the ball. The guess here, however, is that Arizona's offense is able to score, but White had a big day and the Utes come out on top.

Utah 38, Arizona 31

Overall: 6-4

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